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Stephanie. Davis is live and local with more stuff. Hey, good afternoon. Brooke this felt like a scene at out of a movie in Indiana Jones or national treasure movie, when the rare piece of artifact is handed back over to its rightful owner the artifacts in this case is a powder whole warned made back in seventeen fifty seven stolen from the Detroit. Historical museum in nineteen fifty two and return this afternoon, he'll free to sign. I will the next acute. On behalf of the Federal Bureau aviation. Congratulations. That is special agent. Jake Jacob Archer with the FBI art crime team out of Philadelphia officially presenting the powder horn to Elena rue of the Detroit historical museum. So we're was this horn found stand Kulakowski is with Dearborn police who was part of this partnership and finding the artifacts. Was turned up turned up in an estate. Who've risen and that from an estate in Pennsylvania, and it will set to be auctioned off this past November at Christie's auction house. Of course at a starting bid of thirteen thousand dollars reporting live in Dearborn. Stephanie Davis WW J NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time three forty three. It's time for Jeff Gilbert's car. Chronicles sponsored by Magna..

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