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ABC news I'm Todd and it was during Friday's hearing that ousted career diplomat Maria von of it's learned that the smear campaign she was testifying about was still active A. B. C.'s merry Bruce reports from Capitol Hill and your bondage testified about the smear campaign against her she was being smeared again in real time by the president ship with a stark warning the president real time is attacking the what effect do you think that has on other witnesses willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing well it's very intimidating after the trump tweet even Republicans applauding the ambassador tough as nails and you're smart as hell but Republicans argued the your bottom edges testimony is not relevant to impeachment a lot of its did confirm Friday she returned from her post well before the for the president withheld nearly four hundred million dollars in military assistance to Ukraine even as he was asking them to investigate the bidens Roger stone was convicted Friday of lying to Congress about wikileaks tampering with witnesses and obstructing the house intelligence committee probe Roger stone's relationship with president trump goes back decades of friend and fears loyalists stone is taking credit for persuading the president to get into politics still wasn't early adviser to the trump campaign but he left that role after just a few months he stayed close with then candidate trump talking to him regularly and advocating for his campaign when stone was indicted and arrested in January the White House said it had nothing to do with the president prosecutors said stone was trying to protect Mr trump Karen Travers ABC news the White House in Santa Clarita California authorities say the sixteen year old boy who shot five fellow students killing two before turning the gun on himself at Saugus high school died Friday LA county sheriff Alex Villanueva said other firearms have been recovered there are several farms.

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