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Low. Just. Not The way it. Nicklaus's to that commercial. Okay this is big time Ron. Burgundy here, reminding you to tune into the Seth Meyers Program. This is a guy who can really put on a show with topnotch guests and five star entertainment. A lot of these guys offer up one and to start entertainment at a five star price, but this Guy Seth Meyers. He delivers the goods five stars. You Know How most nights are you? Sit there in front of your TV set, and they try to shovel garbage at your face. Not This guy. Myers I'm telling you. He's got the goods I. Don't know. How does it to be honest? If I had a late night show I would just phone it in most. Most nights I wouldn't care. What kind of mess I was thrown out there, but this guy. Myers puts in the effort every night. It's a hundred and ten percent segments like a closer look where seth breaks down the news also joke. Seth can't tell have become appointment viewing for the smart set that means you and let's not forget. This guy knows how to do an interview. What are the best in the Biz jokes news great interviews? It's all happening over on late night with Seth Meyers five-star, entertainment five stars I gave it five stars that would be out of a possible five. It gets all of them. Have these five complete stars Ron stop talking. Go to YouTube dot com slash late night sets for show highlights segments like a closer look interviews and more. And we're back with the Ron Burgundy podcast. I have never been more awake I'm not were. Hours never one else has had like a whole day here I ran to errands. From school..

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