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You got show business in Shane than most of the people that you deal with a rats. Yeah. I just gotta stay humble and have a good time and you just do it for what you want to do it. But coming back to the reason, I called is MC hammer hilarious. Very humble guy, I went, and I worked at MC guitar center. A couple years back, and he would come in, and he called us late at night and say, hey guys, please stay open. I want to go get a few things in one night and said, hey, my parents said when I was little, I was doing your MC hammer dad's before. I even knew he. He said, thank you. And now he's doing some stuff with I think it's bts. So he's staying busy with commercials and with but the point is, is he left and a green Maserati. And he weighed in with humble is hell and say you guys have a good one. Thanks for staying open for me always very cool, Tracy as good. Thanks. Good luck to your career. And I'm sure speaking is your father hang onto the fertilizer Dale until your first hit. Yeah, that's my plan. That's my plan. All right. Young lady, where to go. I thought I thought what from calling to lived in Vacaville for a while. Then he airfield got me there. I'm Tim ROY lives in Fairfield, and very familiar with that same guy. Is not the same guy. Exactly end Germain. I believe humane him ROY with freaky, tales Tim, you know of all the time had on if you ever went there with. He just didn't quite never busted out the freaky tales with us. Now, tim. Hey, in a couple of minutes, again hundred Bishop with a great story to tell number one pick of the giants straight ahead on these sports later. All right, eighties time for traffic and it's sponsored by valley heating valley heating, cooling, electrical and solar is your south bay, h back.

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