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Yes he did david and the white house tells us today that despite what the president said today publicly tonight the president is planning to fight back a senior official tells me that jackson getting railroaded and that his record is impeccable david the white house says the jackson has a clean bill of healthier and that he has no plans to withdraw his nomination david mary bruce following the developments on the hill mary thank you we turn next year to that deadly van attack in toronto the driver appearing to intentionally strike victims on the sidewalks and the streets there the crime scene nearly a mile and a half long tonight what investigators are now learning about the drivers possible motive abc's chief national correspondent tom yomas in toronto again tonight the chilling new video of van turned into a killing machine burling down the toronto sidewalk plowing into pedestrians and tonight as investigators scour the scene a troubling portrait emerging of a man behind the wheel twentyfiveyearold alec manashian accused is alleged to have posted a cryptic message on facebook minutes before he began driving the rented van that message including these words all hill supreme gentlemen elliot roger roger killed six people in twenty fourteen rampage near santa barbara he recorded selfie videos lashing out at women can you at least say if the suspect was frustrated with his relationships with women again because that's part of the evidence that's going to be part of our investigation but police say the injured victims were predominantly women ranging from their twenties to their eighties thus ula the bully almost became one of them herself you were walking on the street and you're friendly had to pull you out of the way of the van i just remember just being pulled away into the direction and then he accelerated and hit the lady and all i can envision as that vivid image of the lady being on top of his hood and then being thrown to the ground and then he ran over her as he plowed to to the crowd menasian now charged with ten counts of murder and thirteen counts of attempted murder outside port his father emotional he didn't say much but the look on his face set it all you were crying in court smith toes with your field.

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