The Disappearance of Brandon Swanson


Year old brandon. Swanson loved the landscape of minnesota. His home state as a teenager growing up in the small town of marshall one of his favourite activities was speeding down the countryside in his green chevrolet lumina he also loved. Seeing the wind turbines that dotted the landscape. Brandon was passionate about the environment and believed in the importance of renewable resources in two thousand seven after graduating from marshall high school he enrolled at the local technical college to study wind turbines located in the town of can be. His college was only a thirty mile drive from home. The proximity allowed him to commute to classes without having to stay on campus. Five days a week brandon made the forty minute. Try a straight shot down. State highway sixty eight may thirteenth. Two thousand eight was the last day of the academic year rather than go home after his final classes random state out and celebrated with his friends. He started the night at a house party in lind minnesota a town about seven miles south of his home in marshall. He had a few drinks over the course of several hours and then said he was heading to another party in can be friends at the party. Didn't believe brandon was drunk at the very least. He wasn't acting like it so they didn't worry about him. Driving brandon made the mile journey back to can be without incident in joined a second set of friends. He had another shot of whiskey but still he seemed sober enough to drive around one. A m brandon finally headed back home. He said goodbye climbed back into his chevy lumina and drove off into the minnesota night. It was the same drive. He'd made so many times before right down highway sixty eight but this time. He was driving toward disaster at one fifty four. Am and net and brian. Swanson woke up to the sound of ringling cell phone when they answered the call. Brandon told him. He needed their help. He recounted the accident describing how the car slipped off the gravel road and into a small ditch while he wasn't injured and the car wasn't damaged. Brandon said he needed to be picked up. The swanson's asked for their sons location. He said he was on state highway. Sixty eight somewhere between the towns of marshall and lind is parents hopped in their car and drove. It wasn't far brandon and his parents believed they were within a ten minute drive of each other but when a net and brian swanson arrived at the midpoint of the desolate highway between lind and marshall. They didn't see their son anywhere.

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