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I am storm team four, Chad Merrill. And currently we've got 66° and partly cloudy skies here outside the TOP studios. It's 5 41 now. The Arlington memorial bridge suffered some damage last evening after a truck slammed into a bridge railing. U.S. park police say the accident happened on the inbound side of the bridge over the northbound lanes of the George Washington Parkway just before 8 p.m., all lanes on the bridge are open this morning. California has been able to avoid rolling outages during extreme heat. But operators of the state's electricity grid continue to warn that unprecedented demand could force them to periodically cut power to some customers. The operator thanked residents in businesses for heating and other flex alert, which is a request to reduce electricity consumption during peak evening hours. But another flex alert was issued for this evening with temperatures expected to spike again. After a handful of accidents and fires, the navy is elevating how it handles safety concerns. Federal news networks, Scott marioni reports, just this year, navy safety command became a two star operation. Now it's out with new policies and enforcement measures that it thinks will bring the navy safety standards back to the proper baseline. The command now has the authority to conduct surprise inspections that most fleet commands safety command officials will also have the ability to stand down certain activities of regulations and procedures are not up to snuff. The command will also work with fleet chiefs to implement best practices and take in feedback that might help the navy conduct safer operations. Scott marioni, federal news network. Prince George's county executive Angela also Brooks defending her decision to enforce a months long curfew for people younger than 17. She tweets that she's responding to county residents who have asked what more can be done to protect their children. Also, Brexit is also making it clear that police will enforce the curfew and if they find someone breaking it, they'll educate them about the curfew and tell them to go home. She says she's hoping parents will take their children inside by 10 p.m. on school nights and by midnight on weekends for the next 30 days. Coming up on WTO, the FBI is having a little trouble interviewing a former Trump aide about the run up to January 6th. It's 5 43. Hey, it's Jack Taylor for navy federal credit union. When it comes to buying a new or new to you vehicle, you

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