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About five minutes by patriots beat writer for the Boston Herald. Kevin Duffy who right now is conducting an interview with the great, Larry FitzGerald, and I don't throw that term around a lot. But we were talking about this during the break. Larry FitzGerald, a great wide receiver from the Arizona Cardinals is probably the most respected player in the league. And it's almost like his league meeting because the league meetings taking place in Phoenix. I mean, this is someone I don't know if there's another athlete in any of the four major sports that is that respected when you really think about it because you know, in the NBA a lot of the players are very polarizing even in the NFL a lot of people hate Tom Brady a lot people push back against Arron Rogers, like who doesn't like Larry narrative. He does he said I said to you. It's like he's the president of Arizona. I mean, he sees. He we talked about this. I think a few months ago, we're saying is he's by far the most famous Arizona athlete of all time. Like in terms of beloved. Yeah. I mean, Randy Johnson. And Curt Schilling brought a World Series title. But this guy's been there since the beginning, it's football. And he was drafted by the car. I mean, they Charles Barkley. But he's I mean, he's blasted sons ever since he's left. Yeah. This guy is like, Mr. Arizona. I think he's probably there. Then McCain ever. Well, they were very good friends. Yeah. They were he was that. He spoke at his funeral. Parlor. This is someone that you just smart guy. Loyally Greeley charitable has been around football his whole life a ballboy for the Minnesota Vikings his guys growing up where Randy moss and Chris Carter. Chris Kreider took him under his wing his dad was a sportswriter covering the Vikings. I mean, he's is respected as an athlete is gets. I really want his NFL career is over obviously, he'll be a no brainer. I bel- hall of Famer, but he can pursue sort of whatever they want said he wants to pursue politics. That think you'd be pretty successful at it. He's Mark guy. He really isn't. I think he's still a single guy and he will at times during the off season just get up and go to someplace in the world. It does work. Charity work. He and Aaron Rodgers did a lot to bring these hairy aids to the he's won the Walter Payton mayor before I believe he brought brought these hearing aids to different places in Africa people that have never heard anything. And both those players went there and saw the reaction of these people when they could finally here's something they're they're actually good friends. Fits gesture. That's a great interview to. Again, he's been around the league for such a long time. And he I can speak really eloquently on any push guy. I don't even know a lot about a lot. I enjoy when he does the dumb little interviews with Jim gray. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's that's saying much cause Jim gray. Larry gray, ask tough questions. He does. Todd multiple days before gets along really well with toucher and rich. Yes, I know they did not want to talk to them. But he gets along with Tom Brady. And I'm ready, and and Oprah's pretty good people to get along with though, I think do you think he's still gets along with LeBron because I really think he's key of scrutiny. Ryan. Lebron has himself to blame a lot. It took all liver, but Jim gray. I maintain definitely knew what the outcome of was going to be not give a heads up about how that might be received at all no end. Lebron's handles that time whereas young as him. Yeah. Spreads. We're all friends, Jim gray. Absolutely. Without doubt knew how that was going to go down. But he didn't say anything. Yeah. Savannah's? Lebron would have. Probably hair crossed my ass. Great. But, but yeah, Larry FitzGerald who was always rumored to come here. Every REM was Larry FitzGerald is gonna come and save the day. I think it's probably too late now, but it still matters in anything they still seriously. He's still talk about somebody who's. The strength into a Larry FitzGerald segment. Talk about somebody. Who's changed? His career has positioned slot. Guys, been willing to do anything that they've asked him to do at first he pushed back, and then Bruce Arians said nine Megyn the slot because this will work better than it did. Yeah. The fed good years there. They got to the NFC championship game one year. He did play in one Super Bowl. And he was spectacular. Looks like he's going to be the MVP that game. If Arizona had held on. He was he's someone that exceeded the hype because there's a ton of hype for him coming out of me. And I remember him being on Sports Illustrated and saying, you know, this guy has the best hands ever very well might. Yeah. I mean, he's one of the best receivers I've ever seen. Oh without question. And then Calvin Johnson came and was going to be the next step up because of the sheer just reality ability, but FitzGerald came before Calvin Johnson and he's lasted longer than Calvin Johnson. We're now joined by Kevin Duffy patriots beat writer for the Boston Herald. Who is in Phoenix, Arizona. The league beatings hobnob. Ding with future hall of Famer, Larry FitzGerald, Kevin. How are you today? Sorry about that guys. No problem. Look, I think I would rather talk to Larry FitzGerald in us. I just needed to. Get a. Route. So great. Anytime you're in Arizona, you need to you know, for something sports related you need to get at least a little bit FaceTime with Larry FitzGerald. 'cause we were saying he's like the president of zone. Well, they actually have a governor in Arizona. But he's the president of he's above the governor. Did you throughout the idea? The patriots could be interested in him because that room has been out there for like nine years. No, actually, I did not. That's a long long time. It sure never happened. But. No. Hey, they weren't for the more than exactly well FitzGerald have to say about gronk. Oh, you just well he said that. Gonxha hall of fame tower will obviously be missed in the NFL. And then he was asked about the idea of gronkowski possibly coming back at tires training camp in some of the season. How hard it would be a player to jump right into playing a game show. Books. Yeah. I think he does that. So I was kind of a funny. So it was interesting that he that he felt that because I don't know how hard it would be if he decides to come back in week nine or something how that would all work out. But it seems. Strange 'cause wrote her house. Tires. The agent of the player isn't going on TV the next day and saying that. Yeah. Well, it might not be done. It's kind of a bizarre circumstance. But. I guess we're with the patriots. And can be surprising that. It's kind of a unique retirement Kevin. When the news broke yesterday when he rob gronkowski announced his retirement on his Instagram. Were you surprised at all with the timing? Not just how long took from the end of the season, but perhaps having to do a little bit with Robert Kraft issued an apology day before was the time. Anything about the timing? Curious you? I don't really I didn't really think about too much in terms of the craft stuff. I don't know. I mean, I don't I don't think that it was a coordinated in any way. With that. I thought that they would be. I mean, I was convinced to entire. It within a couple of weeks and it dragged on for two months. So. He wrestled with the decision Morgan. Expected to you. I think overall reflect on his season. I think the most of the year when he was playing was operating under the assumption that this was going to be as last year. Critic trying at times, but then he got to the playoffs and was awesome in the playoffs. So that might have given him a little bit of hope that maybe I still can into the nineteen twelve hundred yard eleven touchdown player. But after I guess a couple of months, and he was able to sit back and kind of review how the whole season went for him. I think you're probably right after the conclusion that most of the he wasn't having as much fun as he usually does kind of it was frustrating. It was trying so. I think that he probably retract inclusion and and decided to hang it up. I mean, the timing the only curious because of how long it took. And unfortunately for the patriots had this happened to return. It would have had nine extra dollars. And so now they're sitting there with seventeen hundred dollars, which is great. But a the price. So they can't use effectively unless you're making absorbed by trade, which I expect them to do. Yes. So let's talk about that. Kevin because they clearly have holes on offense right now with with the wide receiver position. And now they have essentially no tight end with gronkowski on. How did they address that by trade draft? Both is there any any particular names? You're looking at that could be patriots in the next coming weeks there before the season. Yeah. I felt that they. Certainly traffic tie. Crap. So trade for one the fusion. Awesome. Sounds a player. He's had some trouble staying healthy. But he's he's like six six to sixty to sixty five and he's a good receiver. So you think could sit. But last I heard the patriots hadn't even really Bruce out there. And so I don't know there's interest. I think overall they just you're going to have to make trade for some scattered. Whether that's a tight end bureaucracy gear doesn't really matter. But they they need someone who can impact the game consistently every racist right now. Really don't have that. This is pretty much a barebones receiving core. I think Tom Brady patent in a long time. So they cannot stand Pat with what they have. They've gotta push for. I mean, it's it's more likely. I guess if they return for a time receiver than a bit tired by to just you're impactful tight ends in the passing a copy. Also, I think when you're looking at name the name, I love sterling shepherd. I don't know if the giants are going to be willing to trade him. And then you look at it. I dunno Cincinnati if they're trying to rebuild and they're willing to move on from green is in the last year of his contract. And I think it's like coloring dollars or so that could be a possibility. Hey, Larry, Gerald. I don't know. I think they probably need someone hers. I mean, Larry FitzGerald is still pretty good player. But he's not like a number one right now, he's not really. He hasn't been that in a couple of years. So I think they need to try to find somewhere a little bit younger. But I don't you know. Shepherd. Player who can help and probably be a pretty confident number two a wrong side. Doesn't the names? I think has been sorted out there and make some sense, but maybe they come out of left field and make a big time big traits or someone who..

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