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You know, discuss with my agent. You know the team, My family, you know, talk to my mother asked my mother. You wanna move? She said no. So okay, cool. You're gonna sign the deal. But no, this is the place. I want to be This. My home is my city. I want to represent Milwaukee and I want to do this for the next five years. Milwaukee also added drew holiday in a trade and thought they were gonna land Bogdan Bogdanovich and aside and trade with the Kings, But the deal fell through and Bogdanovich ended up signing with Atlanta. The Hawks also brought in Danilo Gallinari and Rage on Rondo as they build around their All Star guard. Trey Young. You're listening, the MBA previous show on ESPN Radio and the ESPN APP dance dancing with year The Milwaukee Bucks have had the best record of lead in each of the past two seasons, but they failed to make it to the finals in 2019. They won the first two games of the conference finals before dropping four straight to the eventual champion Raptor. And this past year, they lost the Miami Heat in five games in the conference semis. Well this year family be the year for Janos in the Bucks. For more. Zach Lowe was against this week on ESPN daily with Pablo Tori and gave a thorough preview of the teams at the top of the Eastern Conference. How good are Darryl Morris Philadelphia 76. There's going to be having retooled their offense built around shooting in the way that six years fans have been clamoring for for literal years them. I think they have. It seems to be really good. I'm not sold on them is an inner circle title contender yet because I think in our exuberance over how well South Korean Danny Green fit compared to what came before. We may be overrating. Those players a little bit like Seth Curry's been a backup for 75% of his career when they have their starting five on the floor, and it's the second round of the playoffs, and it's slow down, half court late game who's dribbling and creating a shot. Trust them to do it yet. I don't know, like I don't know that I want to buy his hair is really being the guy and then you go to Embiid who's been fantastic and the post, But you know, we'll see. Zach. I want to get to Milwaukee because what they just did with Yonas. Obviously, it's seismic. It's league shaking five years $2028 million to Supermax an enormous coup. Does this feel like a time for Bucks fans to relax. Finally, what should the emotional temperature of the Milwaukee Bucks fan be as they head into this season with now, higher expectations and some sense of security? With Johannes. I think you should feel good because it's not just that he signed the Supermax. It's that he talked about wanting to stay in Milwaukee wanting to run through the wall wanting to do it his way..

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