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Agus Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO It's 1145 and we've got Ben raby All right appreciate it Nick we'll start with golf and the list of prominent names making the jump from the PGA Tour to the Saudi back live golf invitational series continues to grow Major champions Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed the latest to make the jump as they join other headliners including Dustin Johnson Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson I believe all players should have the right to play whenever and wherever they want which is consistent with being an independent contractor First 54 whole event coming up this weekend in London Meanwhile a significant anniversary for the nationals This is what they came to see It's time for baseball the nationals and the pirates Stephen Strasburg's career the first step in that journey begins right now Dave jagler had the call 12 years ago tonight June 8th 2010 a 21 year old Steven Strasburg made his big league debut boy did he live up to the hype with 14 strikeouts that night and coincidentally the 2019 World Series MVP now said to make his season debut tomorrow night in Miami the Nats dropped their series opener last night 12 two against the Marlins OTAs continuing for the commanders in Ashburn George Wallace is on site George Kelly announce receiver Curtis Samuel did not take part in team drills this morning Samuel given a rest day quarterback Carson Wentz scheduled to speak this afternoon and the Denver Broncos reportedly being sold for a whole lot of money $4.6 billion would be the largest sale in North American pro sports history Ben raby WTO sports.

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