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Than one hundred fifty thousand new cases of Corbett nineteen would be ported to WGSN day the most in a single day so far Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is nearly half of the newly reported cases war from the Americans with significant numbers from South Asia and the Middle East at the White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett defended the decision to start re opening the longer with it takes to turn the economy back on the longer it will take to recover and if we don't recover then of course there's this big literature that shows that that has a lot of health consequences and so it's a very difficult thing to trade off extended shutdowns with the risk of creating a depression Oklahoma is one of the states with an increase in corona virus cases the mayor of Tulsa declared a civil emergency and set up a curfew for an area around the arena where president trump plans to hold a campaign rally tomorrow night the mayor of Louisville Kentucky says one of the three police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Brianna Taylor will be fired president trump was rejected by the Supreme Court yesterday getting rid of the daca program for young immigrants today the president says he's not giving up the nineteenth of June today is June thirteenth we're here to celebrate a historic event on June nineteenth eighteen sixty five when African American slaves in the south learn that their freedom from slavery two and one half years after president Abraham Lincoln has signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law Doug Matthews was master of ceremonies at a Juneteenth event in Galveston Texas the Minnesota twins have removed a statue of former owner Calvin Griffith at target field citing racist remarks he made in nineteen seventy eight Griffith moved the team to Minnesota in nineteen sixty one from Washington DC this is APNews the bank of England is apologizing for links by past leaders to slavery the central bank is called the trade in human beings an unacceptable part of English history and pledged not to display any images of former leaders who had any involvement the decision comes off to two British companies on Thursday promised to financially support projects assisting minorities after being called out for paas rules in the slave trade in the wake of George Floyd's death racial equality protests have spread around the world and protest is have taken the stand about the portrayal of people who profited from the slave trade Charles the last month London Japanese baseball managed to do what American baseball has not played ball after three month delay caused by the corona virus pandemic the world's second most famous baseball league open to season today that will be shortened from its regular one hundred forty three games to one hundred twenty eight Donahue APNews corona virus update I bet Donahue with an A. P. news minute people are waiting to get into Tulsa's be okay arena president trump told a rally there tomorrow night his first since the start of the corona virus pandemic Travis sages waiting to get in I work at a hospital on around.

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