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Has a new building will give those students access to the latest technology, particularly if you're going to be in Madison, you want to be on that cutting edge, and you want to be the lightest hands on treatment. And you'll get it here. Health science center. President Michael Williams says the building will house the schools of medicine and pharmacy as well. As an eye research institute is one of the few buildings. I'm aware of in healthcare that allows the opportunity for different disciplines of healthcare toward directly together to train together. He says that give students a better idea of what to expect when they leave school and start working at a hospital or in a practice at UNT health science center at Fort Worth Alan Scaia, NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD day three of deliberations in Fort Worth and the attempted murder trial of Cleveland woman who has accused of trying to kill her son. Prosecutors say that forty two year old Anita that for Tut subjected her son to numerous unnecessary surgeries, and then tried to starve him to death. The defense says the Tutt was following the advice of her doctors KRLD legal analyst Ed Klein says that the case comes down to expert witnesses and family history. I think in this case, they're not only going to have to weigh what those experts are talking about. But also. So the background the upbringing. The jury got the case on Tuesday, and has indicted indicated rather to the judge that it is making progress capital murder indictments have been returned against a man and a woman accused of robbing and murdering an elderly pleasant grove man on July twenty eight eighty five year old Edward Sebastian was killed in his home in pleasant grove, his pickup, truck and lawn. Equipment, were stolen the lawn. Gear was pond several days later forty year old David Richardson was arrested after he was involved in an accident while driving a stolen pickup truck. Investigators say Sebastian had been suffocated by Richardson and nineteen year old Maekelae carpenter who had met at a dart. Stop minutes earlier. They say the lawn gear had been sold upon shops and along crews operating in the area. Investigators say carpenter was arrested in Greenville a short time later on a drug charge. Both have been indicted for capital murder. Meaning if convicted both could be locked up for life without parole LP. Phillips, News Radio ten eighty KRLD. The corps of engineers is watching the level of Lewisville lake as water levels are rising water started seeping under the damn back in two thousand fifteen and Lewisville lake has reached its highest level since then the corps of engineers. Klay church says that the water level is still five feet below the level where the water would start running down the emergency spillway. If the water does top the spillway, he says that the system is set up to release water downstream in order to keep the pressure from building on the dams continue to watch the weather as everyone in the north central Texas area are and ready to ensure that those flood risk management reservoirs in the system continues to operate. Parker county is warning people who live in the horseshoe bend area that they may need to have back. You wait as the brazos river authority opens floodgates upstream. The brazos river authority says that it made need to open a floodgate that would cause flooding in horseshoe bend. If the area gets another one to three inches. Of rain. But one expert says that we may be shocked by the number of priests and other church officials fac- molestation allegations in Louisiana. The warming warning comes rather as the church gets ready to unveil decades of hidden cases of suspected sexual abuse of kids as the archdiocese prepares to release a list of how many local priests have credible allegations against them of child molestation. One expert at LSU says brace yourself remember could be high, and it could be rather startling for many Catholics LSU associate professor of religious studies. Michael Pasquet says that's based on what other diocese have released recently, including the one in Pennsylvania several hundred priests were on that list. Officials say the New Orleans list is coming out sooner than later. Dave Cohen for CBS news, New Orleans. Well, do you have conflict with a colleague at work today may be the best day to make amends, and we'll tell you why up next. Plus, we'll have a look at. Traffic and weather together on the eight right now, it's twelve thirty five the.

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