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And because it's forecast is slow down where expecting a tremendous amount of heavy rainfall and flooding over the coming next several days. CBS news update. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. WBZ news time six thirty two. On the seventeenth out of her Serie of the September eleven attacks a member of the NewsRadio team looks back on the day. He was tasked with speaking to millions moments after the tragedies CBS news. I'm Nikki on a disaster in downtown New York City a plane has crashed into one of the two World Trade Center towers, just miles away from the World Trade Center. Nikki young delivered a broadcast over the CBS radio network that he will never forget. Challenge on that day was to try to sort out what we could confirm and what seemed to be rumor after spending the morning surrounded by chaos dues remorse scoring around. And it became very quickly apparent that? This was no accident. Young says the drive home till West Chester county was when it all sunk in all of us who live there work there and call Betsy your home. It was just a devastating anti-gay NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM any local nine eleven observances in the Chicago area this morning police looking at surveillance camera images in an effort to identify a man who assaulted a woman on a C T a train the woman got on a blue line train in the loop at about ten yesterday morning and says a man quartered her at the doors. We've had bars blocking me from moving, and he was rubbing his dentals against me. She spoke to CBS to the thought that was my head was I just want. This guy off me. Hurry up get to the next offsite. Can get off. She said she got off the train before her stop. And the man followed her he ran away after another man intervened. The woman said it's great to see ta has cameras, but says, that's after the fact in this case, not a deterrent. Mike Crausser news on one zero five point nine FM. WBZ news time six thirty four. The Glen ellyn village board appears ready to approve a new food and beverage tax. We get a live report from WBZ's burden to foia. The proposed one and a half percent food and beverage tax in Glen ellyn will be voted on a couple of weeks. But the daily herald says trustees have indicated therefore it the taxes expected to generate as much as one point two million dollars a year. It would be used to make payments on bonds for capital improvements. Those include a new parking garage downtown road improvements and helping to replace the Glen ellyn mattress station and build a pedestrian tunnel. Under the tracks reporting live burning to foyer NewsRadio on one or five point nine FM. Apple. To release several new products this week in what's being seen as a run up to a potentially strong holiday season for the company and the effort expected.

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