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Before the more homey stories took off a writing for pulp fiction magazines. So I look. So my early attempts were. Attempts like that. Very. Louise May alcott baby. Ireland that kind of thing, and then I walked into a drugstore versus store Combo near near my home whereas raised and they had on the little tern. Wire timetable where the paperbacks were. they had a short story Pacheco Pigeons from Hell. Robert E Howard short story by Robert Our creator Conan's which I'd never heard of at that time and it was first. Dark fantasy wrote fancy in horror. I ever read I was like thirteen fourteen it was the first outright that kind of dark stuff I never read, and from the moment I read those short stories I is a writer knew that not only did I want to be a writer for sure I wanted this I Hey I wanted to write I wouldn't rank four I wanted to write fostering. This is what I wanted to write and so before of team. So the euros fourteen I finished by for short story after reading this and I also found Edgar Allan Poe and lovecraft and. Andrea Norton for science fiction and. This was line gateway drug are gateway whatever to the genres, and so at fourteen finished first stories beginning to end it was it was completely were completely like almost splatter pump. It was. It was a family in a monster killed everybody. The only person survived was the baby kroll to the forest with implication would never be uninsured die. Era finished everyone died it was complete bloodbath and one of the best things that my my uncle. Uncle monk did for me is a is a writer in an artist. Is he read the story and he didn't want he didn't tell me I needed a psychiatrist. Pat Me on the head. So that's really good. Could have gone so much more pear-shaped you know. Do other parents that kind of story they go. Oh my God. What have we done? Wrong. But I love. My family just took it in stride and patted me on the Henson as. On an end because they didn't tell me, it was horrible. I was able to consider pursue in right the dark stories and. A horror straight horror for for years of I fifteen I'm raining vampire vampire story by and by seventeen I was submitting. Stories to professional publications to try to get them published and fat in for the Internet I was using writers, digest writers of in the writer to get addresses in things. To, send out and that helped teach me how to do professionally. I A wonderful teacher of. In. High School whose name I have now blanked on the love of God. Right. But she she. Library would get rid of magazines like for a penny a pop. When they were the throw them out while she got back copies of the Ryder and writer's Digest. She brought me an arm. Love. And that was how I learned what I needed to do professionally. Managers say that I realize as decades later, she may have meant for me to use them and bring the map or other students, but I didn't take. and. She didn't have the heart to ask for them back. Bless her heart. So either way you know really she she that's why I'm upset I can't I'm blanking on the name is A. I. Don't WanNa give the wrong name because that's I think I'm I'm I'm really bad. I'm only bad on names always have been a good on faces. On, remembering details a visit of face hair. If you change your here, I will not know you the next time I see. If you cut it too short if you cut short a wrote really long are colored differently or even a haircut that's too extreme for the last time I saw you. I will not know you until you introduce yourself to me Oh my Gosh Scott is feeling very seen. That's you guys have that same very, very much. that. Is. It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing especially somebody that he should know and they're talking to you and is somebody okay. I'm on the back of my books. So people will come up and talk to me that I really don't know right and and. talked me into of term I know I do this so Them for well because I don't know if I know them and they just changed their mirror. I love that a so great I love it. We're living in this strange pandemic. How has it affected your creativity and writing process? Will initially I just I finished sucker punch just before lockdown like a week we can happen for lockdown and so. I've been as the question for months doing the book, but I finally finished it enough to send to draft since New York. And then about a week later. So we were in lockdown we I ended this book while all the beginning the stuff is going on in this was before. The tragedy George Floyd this is before the protests. All says editing was done and it was a done deal for the year even weirder an awful. So The big on the editor was for my I think my editor in my in my managing editor probably had more of a problem in that because they could no longer be at their job into the publishing house 'cause close. They couldn't go they still can't go. And working from home working remotely. Thank. God for technology but for them I'm I'm pretty sure they had a hard time at least I was still in my office still where I normally work and they were on their own just isolated at home. They didn't have the staff they didn't have all the things around them that they normally do. So I would think the editing process was probably harder in weird on. On me after that. African has emails, people calling me texting me. So the got attention then I tried to go back to riding in that was when the news and everything else really muscled man I had trouble focusing. I had trouble hearing through you know I think we've all gone. We're all doing the grief process together where agree grieving what not just what's happening the news we're grieving what are ordinary lies were like and with her is good better indifferent. It is a change in changes perceived by most of us. In fact, we're all hardware that change equals grief that you that's what so many people will stay a massive. Change is actually sometimes more painful initially than a positive change. Our mind. So perceive it is is negative. There is on that One is any change in your environment back on our ancestors were were Helen around fire at night and short instead for than anything else to save them from the things that would eat them the change in your environment usually equal danger. So we're still hardwired as if you know the tires GonNa Jeff Out in. Even in Suburbia, and so any change kind of hits the visceral level. I had to make.

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