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I didn't ask any of it. And I have to say those people have to hear this. It's too much though me. It's too much. The things are expected to deliver. On the science of the fucking cowards. I get cooled up to comment by the BBC. About Eaton's history with colonialism and slavery. And I'm like. Why is the headmaster of Eton not talking about this? Why the descendants of slave traders not talking about this? Why have you not cold them? Why have you called a black person who was the most affected by that kind of environment to comment? Why do you always cool the oppressed to comment on the oppression? This is my fucking job. People say our Mussa like you made a career, I said. Do you know I've lost? If people knew how many friends I lost acquainted. I'd lost connections lost, and so oh, yeah, but do it. Do it for the work for the work, so yeah, price you paying. What price of these people pay on a human level? I'll do it. I'll do it. Don't get me wrong. I'll do the work I'm not going to give us an fucking medal I do it. This private conversations I've had a far more stressful fof nappy Kyw, far more important in the article I and I have those conversations and I never duck them. Out in the last week alone I have had. More of those conversations than most people, most fuckers having a lifetime where I've called people up cool people out in a private context when it's most frightening. I've called out people who've helped my career and I've written them privacy and said you were wrong. I've spoken to them and I'll keep doing it. And this isn't about whereas my reward. This is not what I'm saying. It's like. How do I get home? When do I get home? When do I feel safe? The fact that I sat here the age of forty. And I wrote an essay. I'm talking about. Maybe I'll sacrifice for the next. People dot made me sad. Because made me realize at some level I have given up. On macy my unhappiness. I have given up on it. So, yeah, Multi S. Is Well. I'm dislike. On that guy that lives on the corner. and He loves his partner. And Evan. Mary knows about none outside the district. We Know Zain. And like. When he passes away like Oh. Yeah, he was a guy. A No one really knows that much more. Yeah, it was a guy who was around Latina. His partner and they love doing this nasty, not and they were kind of my. That's my multi-diverse. And the reason why I can paint so eloquent is because I think about it. All the fucking time. I'm so far. This is the saddest thing about all of it. The past I am. A dent regret the life. I've made a proud of it. I'm really proud of what I've done with while I was given. But I'm so far. From the reality tonight one for myself. I think we'll be fucking. Slow painful I realize often about the multiple within. This this idea eve may ask his dislike. In this reality. It has been the span testicle reality. Physics improve. Do you know what I mean? It's not even a parallel universe that you can slip into slack. It feels like. The feeling is it's not there. But the longing for is the all the time. All the time and I want people to hear this because I wanted to fucking no. This is not a game. We'd have fun without complaint about this Shit for fun Oh. That sounds me. You sound like a normal duty. I am a fucking normal dude. With an op normal life an.

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