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The pylons in the walls but in course of time the houses encroached upon this ground and or even built up against the boundary wall destroyed and rebuilt century after century upon the self same spot the debris of these surrounding dwellings so raised the level of the soil that the temples ended for the most part by being gradually buried in a hollow formed by the artificial elevation of the surrounding city. Herodotus noticed this at put bastos and on examination it is seen to have been the same in many other localities at ambos at edfu at dende era the whole city nestled inside the precincts of the divine dwelling at el kab where the temple tamino's formed a separate enclosure within the boundary of the city walls. It served as a sort of dungeon or keep in which the garrison could seek a last refuge at memphis. And at the cbs there were as many keeps as there were great temples and they sacred fortresses each at first standing alone in the midst of houses were from the time of the eighteenth dynasty connected each with each by avenues of sphinxes these are commonly andro. Sphinxes combining the head of a man and the body of a lion but we also find creo sphinxes which united rams head with a lion's body elsewhere in places where the local worship admitted of such substitution. A coup shot ram holding a statuette up the royal founder between his bent. Forelegs takes the place of the conventional sphinx. The avenue leading from luxor to karnak was composed at diverse elements. It was a one mile and a quarter in length and there were many bends in it but this fact affords no fresh proof of egyptian symmetric phobia. The enclosures of the two temples were not oriented alike and the avenues which started squarely from the fronts of age could never have met. Had they not deviated from their first course finally it may be said that the inhabitants of themes saw about as much of their temples as we see at the present day the sanctuary and its immediate surroundings were closed against them but they had access to the facades the courts and even the hype style halls and might admire the masterpieces of their architects as freely as we admire them. Now and at that natural break in the taxed. I think we'll end this evening's reading from the manual of egyptian agency and guide to the study of antiquities in egypt. I read a lot of books for this podcast. But i can i. This is one of my favorites. I've always loved ancient egypt and this book is full of interesting information. If you'd like to read it for yourself and see the many illustrations and diagrams as always you'll find a link to a free book from project gutenberg in the show description if you'd like to connect or suggest a boring book you'd like to hear read the best place to catch me on twitter at boring books pod or drop me an email via our website. Www dot boring books pod dot com. I always love hearing from you. Thank you so much for joining me for this evening's rating until our next boring book goodnight..

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