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We are fully on the same page in that respect. This year, as you mentioned singing in The Rain comes back into the top ten at number ten, man with a movie camera still here at number 9, mulholland drive a number 8, as we said, Claire Denis at number 7. Which is pretty amazing too. A handful of female filmmakers on this top ten. Number 6, 2001 is back. Number 5, as we said in the mood for love. Number four Tokyo story, number three citizen K number two vertigo, and at number one, Jean del mon, the Chantal akerman film, which is this amazing portrait of a woman who is working as a sex worker and also a housewife and is this long, long film, which has become, I think, in the last 20 years or so, like a huge object of affection and fascination in a huge influence on a lot of, especially European filmmakers, but also American filmmakers as well. So pretty radical shift in the top ten. It seems like they held about 6, four new entries, some classic reentries, some kind of like I mean, both and in the mood for love and mulholland drive makes this like a startlingly contemporary list. Not to mention as you go through the top 100, there are a lot of newer films that are installed. The film that seems to be the most immediately, I don't want to say controversial, but noted is that portrait of a lady on fire is in the top 30. Right. Which is high placement for a very recent film. The way that you noted that to me is I think the right way to contextualize it, which is someone observed, oh, now I feel bad for portrait of a lady on fire because it is ranked above all of these other fantastic films that of the world will get really mad about like, oh my God. Like 8 and a half, you know, whatever. It's literally 8 and a half and then portrait of a lady on fire. 8 and a half was in the top ten left. I understand that. And a portrait of a lady on fire is one of my favorite films of the certainly the last ten years. So I'm thrilled to see it in there. But it's the quirks of the list. I was about to ask you a lot about the process behind this list. I think we should probably say that for Monday. Let's get deeper into that. Yeah.

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