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For being with us for this Thursday afternoon edition of all things considered coming up on the program last month, Epic games suit Apple and Google over the commission fees they charge to download apse that Biggs founder says Tech Giants control monopolies that Have to be stopped a court New York has ruled to block the Trump Administration's attempt to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census count used to allocate congressional seats among the states will have more on the process and whether it'll stick as thie election nears. State and local news coming up at 3 32, including what a new survey says about the economic effects of the pandemic here in L. A stay with us. Live from NPR News. I'm Dwayne Brown on Capitol Hill, A Republican back Corona virus relief bill has failed to advance in the Senate as NPR's Windsor, Johnston tells us Today's vote comes amid a standoff between lawmakers over Numerous provisions of the bill, but mainly the cost. Democrats say the Republican bill fails to meet the needs of the American people in mid the pandemic. The GOP measure included $300 per week in additional unemployment benefits, half of what the Democrats have proposed. It also did not include additional federal aid for state and local governments. Republicans have called the Democratic relief bill too large and far reaching NPR's Windsor Johnston Today Senate vote fell well short of what was needed to overcome a filibuster. It also seems Likely to end any hopes of getting a relief package before the November election. Several families of U. S forces killed in combat or condemning comments. President Trump reportedly made disparaging soldiers who died during military conflicts from member station GBH and Boston, Craig Lamont reports. Congressman Seth Moulton, a veteran held a press conference with the parents of Private first class John Hart in Lance Corporal Travis Desi Otto were both killed in Iraq. Trump was quoted by anonymous sources in the Atlantic calling those killed in combat losers and suckers. Desi Otto's father, Joe called those words hateful Justice John Travis answered the call to fight for this country. We are here to answer the call to fight for the memories of John and Travis. Even Even if the person who leveled the attack is our own president. The mother have fallen soldier, John Hart wants the Atlantic sources to publicly addressed Trump's reported comments. The president says the story is untrue, Calling it a hoax for NPR news. I'm Craig LaBolt in Boston. You're listening to NPR and this is Casey ar W. On Larry Perella to Thursday, September 10th Very good afternoon to you. Here's what's happening at 3 32. We start with some breaking news. Fire officials say approximately 252,500 Square foot brush fire is burning in the 11,000 block of West Foothill Boulevard. Think this acres near the Hansen Dam area. This is in the Lakeview Terrace area south of the 2 10 Freeway. Will keep you updated as we get Maur. Information and weary fire crews were trying to tame more than two dozen major fires in California that have forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. A wind whipped blaze in Butte County, northeast of San Francisco, turned into a monster yesterday, incinerating homes in the small community of Berry Creek, killing at least three people. Thousands of homes and other buildings are believed to have been damaged or destroyed by the fire. Dude County Sheriff Cory Honey said. It's all too familiar View County is certainly no stranger to tragedies dealing with wild land fires, and for that matter, tragedies. Of other kinds as well. Our community is Unfortunately, becoming accustomed to this. Another major concern is the creek Fire south of Yosemite. It's burned now more than 166,000 Acres. Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant says the onslaught of fires in recent weeks has been unprecedented. There are over 14,000 firefighters. Battle in these fires, And as these fires have continued to grow at those explosive rates, it is forced evacuations in a number of areas and so there are over 64,000 people now evacuated on these fire. The National Weather Service says that in the Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley smoke Locked out so much sunlight yesterday that it drop the temperature by 20 to 30 degrees over the previous day. Or than half of the households in the city of L. A have seen their financial fortunes fade during the Corona virus pandemic. A new survey by Harvard University conducted in the nation's four largest cities also found that Latino and black residents have been hit especially hard. Here's KCR W's Darryl Sandman. 37% of white households in Los Angeles report. They're experiencing serious financial problems because of covert 19 for Latinos. The number is 52% and for black households. It 71% The results were similar in New York, Chicago in Houston, the authors say the pandemic has made pre existing inequities more visible. More than six and 10 Los Angeles households say they have experienced the loss of a job or reduced hours since the start of the health crisis. More than a third report using up all our most of their savings. The Harvard researchers say the findings raise important concerns about households abilities to whether long term financial and health effects of the Corona virus outbreak. As many people are having.

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