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To stand out you got to be a representative that'd be whatever and the whole thing that he always said and it's what's what i've always preached anybody that's come up young aspiring drivers that come up to me and asked the same question it's just be yourself right it wasn't about hey you've gotta be cool you gotta be funny or you've got to be whatever it is that this goofy character that you guys see that's not a character that's who james hinchcliffe it and so what i'm like you don't have to be funny if that's not who you are just figure out what you are injured really own it really be that because there's a market out there for that there are other people just like you tap into that market happen to those companies that sponsorship realm and so yeah it was it wasn't so much like hey you're funny that's that's what you should just be yourself that's the best thing you can do and obviously that makes it a lot easier because you're not having to work to craft some persona if you try to phone it in and be something you weren't our jobs are exhausting enough as it is right if you had to be on in like kind of on all the time anyway but you're on as who you are if you had to be on as a character her forget it it's like a twenty four seven reality tv show you know it'd be terrible take me back to two thousand four i was becoming racing since ninety six fulltime since two dozen too so i have conceptual idea of what four was like at the time i guess champ car was still around it just barely survived bankruptcy right thing jammed and taken over i think by like jerry and kevin right and the indy racing league was was doing okay but you just had probably at that time like andretti and penske all.

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