COVID-19 Delta Variant Runs Rampant in the U.S.


The delta varying it is more contagious K to ours. Peter Seymour joins us live from the news centre. Becky Valley Wise hospitals in Arizona have 12 Covid 19 patients Right now. We had one patient in the hospital 3.5 weeks ago that had covid 19 disease, so Certainly starting to see an increase again. Dr. Michael White and former CDC director Richard Bessler hope the slight surge doesn't mean worse things to come. If everyone were to get vaccinated with this vaccine, there'll be less virus spreading around less likelihood that there would be very in submerging that we would need a new vaccine for like a booster shot. Public health leaders and hospitals are still measuring The Delta variance mark in Arizona as coronavirus cases and hospitalizations remain steady. But Los Angeles County reports a spike of 3000 cases in the past three days. So who needs to be concerned any area where there's a lower rate of vaccination you're going to see spread, and it's going to vary by neighborhood here in New Jersey, where I am my community 76% of adults are fully vaccinated the next town over its 44% health leaders in L. A county. He blamed the unvaccinated who catch the delta variant in the valley. Dr. White believes that variant is making his dozen covid 19 patients sicker just here. Over the last few days, we're starting to see people that are presenting that are more acutely ill needing more intensive care. Last month, the unvaccinated made up 92% of Arizona's coronavirus cases. Dr White calls this all the more reason to take your covid 19 shots where we are now within the Covid 19 pandemic isn't a lot better place than we

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