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By dave and brian. Anthony davis we just talked about the offense. If you missed it go back and check it out whether it's part one at the beginning of this show. Now we're talking about the defense and there's a lot to talk about here. Lots diagnosed with lots of unpack. We'll put it that way. Let's talk about the steelers pass. Defense i as i'm looking at the philadelphia will sorry. They're their quarterbacks. Joe flacco thanks to a really long screen pass finishes ten for seventeen one. Seventy eight and a touchdown this. He was sacked once. It was always always good to see flacco on his baco. Jalen hurts finishes three for seven fifty. Four in nick mullins one for five with two interceptions. he had more completions full yours. He had more completions to the steelers than the eagles. What do you think about. The steelers would say defensive pass defense and the steelers were able to create some turnovers. They get after. The quarterback had two sacks. Six quarterback hits brian. We'll start with you. You know what i thought. It was a pretty good effort all along. You know we're mike. Tomlin said something very poignant in in the press conference and about the defensive play and he said hey. We're just looking at note cards out there. We're just throwing them out there to see what they can do. We're not looking at defensive scheme right now and so i. We kind of hinted on that last week when we were talking about the inside linebackers and all the passes up the middle so it just seemed like this was an area where the steelers were. You could say yes. They were struggling. But now i thought they came up with some place. We had my guy with a great name. Lafayette pits with an interception. And your boy. Lust in. Jane added interception to. If i'm going ahead of myself. I do apologize. But it's it's just one of those things that the defense came to play in. These guys are looking through their fighting for their spots at. Everybody seems to be doing it. David you think about the steelers pass. Defense steelers pass defense. That was just a bad play. Just i mean come on. The ball caught behind her. Ethylene scrimmage and you run it for seventy nine yards. That's that's not as much pass defense as that. is you know. Tackle the catch defense which was really bad on that. One play one. Is it about the philadelphia eagles where you could say. Oh the team did really really well if you take this one play away. That's exactly what happened last year with the run game because they gave up the ones huge run and that was it. And that's kind of what happened here. The past defense. I thought overall jeffrey benedict's really laid it out. Miss latching on. He put it in the live chat tonight. If you weren't paying attention that the steelers right now in the passing game are not doing any favors for their inside linebackers. They're putting them in very difficult spots because they're not doing anything to complex with their defense. And therefore they're getting a little bit exposed devin bush on the one play early he stumbled. You could see that he stumbled. I don't think it was that he was questioning his knee. Or anything like that you stumble. But until that. Long seventy on your touchdown pass to only donor receivers and made catches. We're tight ends. It was the tight end. We're getting into everything a whole lot more. But the past defense in all other than a few miscues i was happy with and i mean the steelers only had two sacks but the past russia were promoted. We'll we'll talk about that separately won't we. What's that the past rush. We'll talk about that. Yeah we'll talk about that. I said no that's fine. Let's go ahead and talk about some of the secondary players my boy lust and And if you don't hawaii call justin lane lust and jane. You gotta go back to last season in his interaction with me on twitter. And that's neither here or there. But the steelers defensive secondary had a good job. They did a good job. Obviously with two interceptions I'm looking here Pass defenses three Did a good job. So one of them. I know he yes. He did in half a sack good for him. So let's talk about the the secondary though There are some names. I was hoping to hear that. I didn't Didn't hear much about james fear every now and then was hoping to see something from sugar brown even in garbage time. Nothing brian. What's your thought on the secondary. I also wanted to see mark gilbert. And i didn't he didn't seem to show up as well without the second. Yeah i just didn't see much from. But i will say that. I thought that james pierre had had nice coverage in the first half a couple times when they did show him so i. I don't think he didn't do anything completely flashy but he was there and he he got it done now. The one guy that i was kind of. If i could say one player that i was not as impressed with that. I really we really need to be impressed with number. Twenty cam sutton. If if it's maybe it's just not a good dave's agreeing with me. totally your i just. I just really thought that he was subpar tonight in. That's a big concern. Able to think about the secondary. Yeah kim sudden he was a really fast guy was going against and he was with him until the ball was the air and then he got separation on them. I don't think it was completed though of one..

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