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Electoral system or you might say it needs to fix it so that You know the pan. Democrats the opposition. Don't stand a chance in the future of ever getting close to claiming a majority. So that's a. That's a kind of a brief summary of what's going on. But we expect to hear more when the beijing government has its annual meetings in march and the upshot will basically be. That's come september. The opposition will find it way way harder. I would say impossible to to get so close to taking control of the lego james chambers as ever thank you for joining us on the line from hong kong. It's just Some thirty one here in london still to come we'll be heading to the balkans for roundup of the news and will be hearing about the marvellous newton night trains at the australia's ostriches obey is building but first a quick summary of some of the other news headlines today greece and australia have called for the eu to adopt circled corona virus. Thanks nation passports at a summit of the blocks leaders on the pandemic they said only with the return of free movement. Will there be a revival of tourism. The idea of a vaccine passport is being resisted by france and germany. He said there's not enough data yet. Vaccination stops the spread of the virus. The armenian prime minister says his country is under threat of a military coup. As he said he and his cabinet have been told by the armed forces to step down. Nicole passion told supporters that the army must obey the people and elected authorities and the russian opposition leader. Alexey navalny has been moved from a moscow. Prison possibly to prison camp his supporters. Say no notice was given before he was moved early this month. Mr navalny was jailed for three years on charges. Wild widely seen as politically motivated. This is a globalist stay tuned. it's friday which means we've tasked are contributing editor andrew moolah to go through the things we know today that perhaps we didn't know seven days ago he is with this week's what we learned. We.

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