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Will increase the commitment to handle and clete efficient delivery capacities for this e-commerce bears because we want them to sell more, and this is where commit to deliver Moore's right. So you've spent a lot of time at airmax as Managing Director Sixteen years, and then a year also at ups. What are you bringing to fetch her from those experiences and also how does fetch her? Compete with those already established businesses. I will definitely tell you that every single best practice which I learned an atom ex ups. As coming with me to fetch you know those twenty years were. The best learning curves and my whole career I learned great things in each of the organizations which worked worth. I give the cut a fully to those organizations in shaping my personality minorities and expedients, which I caddied today because without every company that I worked with in the past, I couldn't really have had enough maybe experience or knowledge. To, bring to furniture and allow this company to go to the next step. So I can I can book about this honestly however, a lot of best practices I carry from the organizations that I worked with and I very much committed to implement and deploy these pitcher and of course, with Cherry, on the top with a cherry on the top. Obviously you seem to be well like like I've read a lot of comments from your teams from passed jobs and I guess your new team. How do you become a good boss and how do you build loyalty and trust especially when you come on board with a new team, which as you said, had a very low morale when you showed up and they were probably a little reticent. About who's the new guy who's going to take over? How do you build that? It's three mix of having the privilege of being led myself by greatly there's in the past. I have worked with leaders during my caddie here, and of course, they are very, you can count them on your fingers as they say however I learned from their skills they passed to me the skills, the knowledge I follow that path and the way they used to lead me because the way you are let as the best way. To adopt and leading others as long as you're happy in the way you were you're being. And, of course, there are some special leadership attributes that you acquired three experience and with an and what comes also. From Within your personality will allow you as well. If you have that positive lesson, non egoistic Proto personality everything leadership attribute, which you learn from experience from other leaders.

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