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I'm sure I'm saying what everybody else is saying you gotta feel it's drugs something what else? Some substance. What else is it? Speaking of a football other rumors over the weekend that the Redskins are very interested in Tokyo Brown doesn't that seem like a good signings? Did you have no idea? Like what about for? You know, it doesn't. I mean, did you see long interview with him? If not ESPN is running along interview with Antonio Brown. You watch. I don't seconds. And you say stay today's. It's on Facebook from the locker room as it's human Lee possibles, essentially, you're great talent do it for someone else to. Here's a great player. I don't think as a fan of the Redskins you wanna minute situation like this where it's going to be hard for him to thrive but easy for him to to there's no structure. I mean, that's why that's why the patriots can take people who are somewhat problematic because there's an entire structure in place deal. The Redskins are the opposite of that. Tonio Brown is an egomaniac almost beyond. Let me go the distance. Bring him put him on one side bring. Josh Gordon, put him on the other show. What else did we we were not on the Enron Friday in Bryce Harper signed his deal with Philadelphia. Already. Yes. He let's all let's all talk about that. It's disappointing for me that he went inside the division. Strange deal for her. Don't clothes and no out, but the monies upfront. Yup. Twenty five million five million dollars a year guaranteed. There was a story on Friday that the that the dodgers had offered him the forty five million dollars a year for three or four years. Right. And I thought how can you not? That. And then bet on yourself at age thirty is a free agent at that bread. I don't I'm not working. I'm not rooting against Bryce Harper. I've always liked by supper. I don't want him to beat the nets. I think he will be booed when he gets here. And that's fine players often expect these things if you looked at how this off season played out he might face that ever again. Even if he has all that money in his pocket. The he was he was promised something by bores. He won in every metric you wanna see because of the guaranteed money because of the terms of the contract. But he I mean, you don't know what that did to his personal. If you don't know what to his to his family. You don't know what that did was preparation? I have no idea. What he's I think he's going to bang them out. It's a small park. I think him and Hoskins are going to bang out. And if they get trout forget it if they get trout in a couple years, boom. The only answer I had to your question of of why not do the shorter term deal for almost twice the money. Annually was I guess fear of injury. Like if God forbid something happens, then that. Then he only would end hundred and fifteen million. I think he is the three I do think you have to see it though, Michael talked about this through the lens of who the guy has always been on the cover of Sports Illustrated at sixteen seen as the great the next. Great cross back like Mike trout was not on the cover of of that. And now, I think out he wanted more money than any been any team sport athlete ever. I really do think that that played it he views himself as a historic figure, whether you like in baseball, whether you like it or not, and I think that that cements some level of the house might Philadelphia rough place. I think it said volatile. I think is going to be volatile mix. Given who he is given that he is up and down even know who he is. I I don't have any personal flamboyance in. I should say how long slave star who he is a star right place. You look at how the market has changed. He doesn't know what it would look like for thirty thirty one year old enter. Saying that what he's still be able to get the type of money. He's able to command now in that guarantee. And if you actually listen to his when he was welcome to Philly..

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