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To the economy. It increases employment and puts money in people's pockets. All of that this year has, of course, been blunted. Thanks to covet 19 marketplaces. Mitchell Hartmann has more Stores and malls hired around 700,000 temporary seasonal workers in the fall of 2019 As of the end of November this year, Gains in temp jobs were running way behind that pace. Retail hiring South 12.5% fairly significant drop off. Andy Challenger at outplacement firm Challenger Gray and Christmas says there is Maury Commerce hiring Big boom in the transportation and warehousing sectors up about 137%. But he says that's still only makes up about half the seasonal jobs missing from brick and mortar retailers. There's a slow down for at based gig workers to last year, Joe Fifield drove for uber and lift in Minneapolis to supplement his income. This year. He is delivering for door dash, and he says it's not as easy to make money. You spend a lot more time driving with an empty car, he says he's making about 20% less than last year. I'm Mitchell Hartman for marketplace. Let's do the numbers. The footsie in London is up about 1/10 of a percent. Dow S and P and NASDAQ futures are up in the 1 to 2/10 percent range with the Dow future of 42 points. 10 Year Treasury yield is at 100.942%. And China's market regulator is launching an anti monopoly investigation of e commerce giant Alibaba Group. That company's stock is down 3% in pre market trading..

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