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Out there in real time as a hurricane is approaching is gonna throw people for so many loops because you wanna keep it. I agree with this. You wanna keep it simple because the more complexity you add the more. Yeah. Let's say you you categorize it for each hazard. Got a w three for win, and you've got an are five for inland flooding. You've got an s. two for storm surge, and you've got to our two for rip currents. People will just get so confused by that and also fundamentally, and this really gets to your question, what have we learned from Florence. If fundamentally, I think it is far more effective to give people forecast warnings local officials in emergency management decisions when the hazard and the information are specific to their location and our hazards specific. So for example, in the case of new Bern, North Carolina, there was a storm surge warning in effect. There were evacuation instructions in effect. There were storm surge numbers valid for that specific area. So that was hazard specific locations, Pacific information in that, I think is far more, especially in the long term. Going to succeed in getting people to act then is a categorization of the storm itself. So I'm fundamentally against trying to categorize the storm. I'm more in favor of forecasting and warning for and giving people instructions for hazard specific locations, Pacific information that I can say, this applies to you and where you are in the storm has a lot to do with what you're going to experience what warning you should get and what hazard we should be talking about and what action we should be talking about. You try to put all that into a categorization system. We're all going to all report our hair out. And welcome back to the weather geeks podcast, I'm Dr Marshall shepherd and we're talking today with former National Hurricane Center director, Dr Rick nab who's also the wetter weather channel's hurricane expert. And you've been kind of dissecting the sort of post lessons from hurricane Florence, and you know, one of the sort of buzzwords sort of discussions after Florence has been the saffir-simpson scaling for Dr Nassar perspective on that and the sort of over categorization. And my philosophy in life is always kind of the kiss philosophy gotta keep it simple as they say..

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