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But it's a customer service. You oftentimes find that working with engineers? Sometimes they're awkward, sometimes they're not social and we've changed the game. And and made it a a very social relationship and partnership between our customers and our team we like to go in there and be considered teammate with the team this end, not just somebody. We call it parachuting here is shooting an engineer in to do some work and then halfway through the job. They're trying to get out and maybe get to their next consulting gig or projects or just get home to their families. So we're there twenty four by seven and repair cells on customer service, tearing I've Dan on the other side of of what you guys are doing not you guys in particular, but having received this type of terror shooting services, and it's not fun, especially when you're trying to to trouble shoot a device that is interfacing with the patient or just something that the clashes rely on. I can see. See just through my experience how having that presence in the account or in whatever hospital or clinic setting that you're you're working with is a huge benefit. So what is it that you do that enables you to do that versus the parachuting? You know, it's really getting involved and building relationships with our customers, we internalize their process their workflow and the outcome of the business. And so if our customers aren't successful and growing their business and in healthcare, providing outstanding patient outcomes, then ultimately, it's kinda trickled down, and you know, we may not have a job. So we want them we want to allow them to be as efficient and as effective as possible and provide the great pitching outcomes. You want them to be successful? Can you air time with the listeners of time that maybe you made a mistake or failed and what you got out of that. He'd take us to that moment. Yeah. Something funny. So I started my business in twenty thirteen and I treated it like a hobby. You know, w to employees, I called the business blue-sky computers. Okay. And I was excited at the opportunity to move into running my own business in twenty sixteen. I jumped in both the inserted in was fulltime in the business still running under that aim blue-sky, computer. So I was getting a lot of calls from let's say end users and small businesses are target was enterprise, specifically healthcare customers, and people would see the name, and they would call and say, I'm in town and buy laptops, you know, having problems or my printer without drums. And end up referring them to somebody that does the end user works on the end user, you know, talks desktops and printers a little more since then we have rebranded. We are now rice tack, and are, you know, I think our name and brand reflects so what we're doing and the maturity of our business, and so that was something I always look back at and you know, I wish I would have started off with a right name and brand. But you know, it's a growth opportunity for us. I share and so this idea of making sure that when you're putting something out there and one of the topics that keeps coming up is the site of access for healthcare. And when we have these hospitals expanding their geography into new areas of town or city, and they want to get these communities to trust them this same concept of being intentional with your brand being intentional with what you want people to perceive you as is super key. And when she made the shift. Did you you stop getting those calls? No. He's still get the calls. But I think you know, everybody's aligned and we have a brand that represents what we're doing. And then likewise when people see it they understand what we're about for Sherm. So you made the change you did a couple tweaks here, and there you've got your team running on and also, and there's can you share with the listeners your proudest leadership experience that you've experienced date. Yeah. So we had a wildly successful first year in our first year was what I consider March slash last year to date one. I've jumped in both feet Canadians are thank you. Thank you. Our team is we have a team of seven. Now, I think most proud moment is we delivered to tier three state of the art data centers to a world class hostile. And we did that while saving them four point two million and.

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