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These all you might want to play and again how does ABC news with a lot of this well they're trying to say that they just didn't have all of the supporting in and back up corroboration list that they needed for this story back when Amy Robach had this story for three years ago but you could tell that she is I let me roll some of the audio here and again just a I will just little background Virginia Roberts is Virginia Roberts Jew free it's spelled G. I. U. F. F. R. E. E. and fees one of these individuals the claims that she was attempting sex slave as a as a young girl and she was passed around and we'll get to that in a second cause some big names have been mentioned where she claims that she was passed around like a a toy yes no sex toy so hold on let's play again this video this audio of Amy Robach during a break in twenty twenty on ABC this is from August which project veritatis got a hold of the somebody lied to them clearly from ABC news Hastert three years I've had to serve you with Virginia Roberts we would not put it on the air first I was told Jeffrey I've seen no one knows who that is the school by me this story became huge and for her to have been able to bust this story all these new details.

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