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Like westward could have defended paul george without throwing anyone else under the bus like you can say paul george the biggest snub and he should be an officer and you don't have to say anything that implicates they millard you don't have to say anything that if we gates anybody else right you can just to go for your guys right like what else would westbrook do of course for burt sticker heat for while george yes you just stick affirm i mean okay so we had something to that today draymond green tweeted at brian windhorst very on i thought it was it's really in the yeah others they just mean it was just like bullying mean okay bright he basically windhorst at a segment on a show where he said but you know i was talking about the rafts in how the warriors are the cabinet's is that he's a target from russia you made yourself a target roso's draymond green he said he should all be replaced like what do you expect the rafts to do when you treat them that way right what's totally fair comment and then draymond has a tweet in i don't well repeated whatever reason like don't you know don't put my name in your in your mouth no knack who k i'm not part of this conversation and he called him known really yes and it was like i really don't like that at all i think that's like super personal and petty and brian is a really good friend of mine and i when i saw it and it was gone all around and headlines i was livid like i wanted to go on twitter and just pop off the guy was like you can't talk about my guy like that the right first of all i want anybody well i called bryan young because i wanted to get his take on it right and i and he told me 'please don't do that don't escalated i don't care whatever people say mean things about me all the time like a twitter trolls they mean things not people.

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