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A magnitude four point four earthquake jolts Tennessee, it's Felton, Atlanta, Georgia, no, serious injuries or anything like that. But it scared the daylights out of people Michael Cohen, the president's former fixer attorney who wants famously claimed that he was willing to take a bullet for Donald Trump before later turning against his boss was sentenced to three years in prison by a federal judge in New York after pleading guilty to numerous crimes while cooperating with prosecutors before sentencing Cohen ripped into his former boss federal court telling the judge felt it was his duty to cover up the president's dirty deeds tomorrow night on coast to coast for the first couple hours. Jerry Corsi one of our regular guests who is somewhat been under investigation as well in. The Muller investigation will be our special guest. The jury is suing the group for three hundred plus million dollars. We're going to talk with them about this entire episode tomorrow. First couple of hours on coast to coast. The US military is downplaying suggestions. At the Islamic state group is on the rise in Iraq amid reports in recent days of continuing and even increased hostilities by the extremists a company called CTI foods is recalling more than twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean, heat and serve original sausage links. Made with pork and Turkey. According to the US department of agriculture food, safety and inspection service. Five consumers have complained of metal pieces in the sausage links. What's going on? We're getting recalls from the romaine lettuce. We just heard about that there's been recalled some millions of pounds of beef. Let's check in with food safety coach, Jeff Nelken, Jeff what's happening to our standards. Well, let's talk about the Jimmy dean situation. You know, we're talking about a lot of medical equipment that very e. Easily can break in pieces. They even have metal detection equipment. So that, you know, we have different systems, and hopefully they capture these foreign objects, but on occasion, they don't and it's real important to pay attention to the recalls. And you know, if people are not sure about recall, certainly they can go to the website of the FDA. There's an interesting for pet foods together. There's been a recall on some of the pet foods because of having too much vitamin d overdosing on vitamin d there's a website, I came across. It's really interesting. It's called pets full dot com. PT FU L dot com, and they have a listing of all the latest, you know, recalls related Tamil foods, so for those people that have pets, and they're not sure about the food that they've purchased go to. Pet full dot com with the good resource for those concerned. And certainly, you know, when you hear about the number one cause of the recalls, you know, you mentioned a couple of examples, but the number one situation is usually related to allergens. So that's usually, you know, kind of interesting, you know, how those things, you know, occur. But like you say, you know, there's more and more of these we call because of the, you know, I think we're getting better at you know, watching what we're doing. So I think you're you know, you're getting some of that as well. I better oversight. Good point jumps website, safety, coach dot com. Thank you. Jeffrey virgin, galactic plans to perform the next test. Flight of its space ship to sub orbital space plane as soon as tomorrow a flight that could be the first by the vehicle to reach at least one definition of space another level. Indeed, that's exciting. Let's check in with Robert Zimmerman space historian, his website, of course, behind the black dot com and China is heading for the far side of the moon. Isn't that cool? Robert. Paul has been planetary heaven. The number of space probes that are going to all different kinds of places is legion. Almost every week. I've been reporting different things in Toby at high Busa to approaching the asteroid why you guy rubble pile that looked like a diamond rotated in space in it last week of Sarah's Rex approach by new which is looks like a rubble pile shaped like a diamond in space. We did day reported he had detected evidence that there might be water on better..

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