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Or or that they just are denying the situation or that they're dealing with their own domestic abuse. And just don't want to just don't wanna admit it. The fact of matter is Michael Jackson fans have been researching his life since he was alive since with fine tooth comb to do with what happened under the sheets when at night. Well, what has to do with that is the fact that there's testimony from seemingly thousands of individuals under those sheep at different times. I mean, they talk in the film about parties with Jordi Chandler mccully Kokin they've given. I mean joy Chandler, if we're getting into his case, he would not officially testify in a criminal trial against Michael checks 'cause he did not agree with his father. I mean, he came out and said that so I mean to stay, you know, to claim him as someone who still hasn't had Justice. Ford with the idea. So did weighed in James. What they testified on behalf of Michael Jackson. No. But one thing is joy Chandler would not testify in nineteen ninety two or nineteen Ninety-three in that case that was is civil lawsuit that got settled he would not they did not open a criminal lawsuit. And the one of the reasons they did not pursue is one the insurance company paid pay them off. Also, the fact of matter is they couldn't do it criminal trial because joy Chandler would not testify against Michael Jackson. So to keep him on the list of people who haven't had Justice against Michael Jackson's crimes is unfair. Because George handler. I would assume even now is an adult would not say that Michael Jackson sexually molested him. Because he said that in the past. There's new dispute that at age thirty four Michael Jackson slept more than thirty nights in a row with the thirteen year old Jordi Chandler at the boy's house with his mother present also at his dad's house and at Neverland. Now does that normal works? No dispute as we all know that Michael Jackson's slept in beds with children of both sexes, and what girls girls girls Wade ropes? In sister admits this on documentary he never slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson yesterday. Did brandy Jackson. Michael Jackson's niece, ju-, search and YouTube and look at interviews. Brandy Jackson admits to sleeping in the same bed as Michael Jackson. This was not a situation where he was learning. Young boys into his bed to molest them and groom them and take advantage of them. Michael Jackson, friends were children because he wanted to have pillow fights and watch..

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