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From the bbc world service with me jonathan blake then a tree action on the korean peninsula can only be decided by south korea the words of the south korean president moon jae in as tensions remain high between the united states and north korea president kim jong earned in the north has according to state media that be examining militry plans to strike near the american territory of guam while you can tell him i'll correspondent in seoul was listening to the south korean president's speech to commemorate liberationday well that was quite a strong statement coming there from president moon this morning where he says you know that cannot be any she action in the korean peninsula i'm less so a greece two eight using the word consent it you know in in a sense he's trying to reassure the people of this country who have been increasingly getting why it is they see the standoff between the us and north korea not ending enough days together now we seen at you know remarks from pyongyang then they you know the equal if yes remarks coming from a from washington as the a way it's a nice perhaps to calm people down to tell them you know there's not gonna be a war in the korean peninsula that they're going to do everything to prevent war and also saying that no other country can decide to take military action so in a way perhaps pointed to the us because at you know people here might be worried made that a you know would the us launch prevail give strikes against pyongyang after they've made the threat of launching missiles at guam and earlier we heard from state media in north korea interestingly that kim jong earn is waiting they say and watching for what the us his next move will be before deciding what to do so there's less provocation there is that is that a slight shift in their strategy to think what it certainly seems like it because you know after days of fearing these fierce threats coming from pyongyang hit last week really hearing details of a plan to launch four rockets into waters near guam an out there saying they're going to watch.

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