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We're all sitting around the table and they're eating and drinking and they're smoking and they're talking and they're like i love all like smoking cigarettes on. Isn't it so funny. Who's the seventy smokes on airplane. But it's so that they're indisp- agent and they're all just like chain smoking cigarettes. There's always somebody smoking. I like the seventies man all right so now going alarm goes off and they said that mother wants to talk to the captain of the ship. And i'm like mother saw your to okay with any other name for it. Probably it's like the motherboard of their shape. It's like the main computer. Whatever for the show. We're trying to call it. Mother and i don't like that so he goes downstairs and he starts messing with the computers and stuff was like. There's a lot of hundred percents like a lot. And there's like lights flashing all kinds of stuff so he likes starts playing with that. And i was like this is like a reminiscent of my like green apple computer as like. Oh yeah where. It's like a black screen with green text on like the computers were never quite white. They were always like a yellow white color and the keyboards were always like that know. They were old or like they were that way. Because that's how they came but nothing was ever like a solid white. Oh is like a little bit yellow. you're the roomie was in blang. it was like a padded cell. Let's get psych ward of pat. You got in there going well. It's like a twenty foot long by like five at highlight lights. Just there's ninety lights and it's like padded looking cell and then random very randomly placed small computer screen. Oh my god in just random in the wall and he has his giant keyboard like he's like button button button and then mother's like thinking about stuff and we're green letters come up and we're like how do you even see the screen from where he that smallest green eight aided small. Alex is not constructive. Well they figure out that you know. They're trying to get a hold of like traffic control..

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