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With what's news from the Wall Street Journal. I'm Anne Marie for totally in New York. Democrats and Republicans are hoping to use Brett Kavanagh's confirmation to the US supreme court to their advantage in the upcoming midterm elections, at least in the short term, looking at the impact of cavenaugh on the midterms. I think it's going to help Republicans to keep their majority in the Senate, but I think it's probably going to hurt their chances of holding onto their majority in the house Wall Street Journal reporter, Janet hook has the details. But first here are some top stories attends meeting between US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and his Chinese counterpart. Foreign Minister Wong. Yee could threaten cooperation over denuclearization of North Korea. Wong accused the US of escalating trade tensions with Pompeo countering that the US and China had a quote, fundamental disagreement over the issues. He raised the two did not hold a joint news conference. After their meeting on Monday. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that some Chinese companies or dodging US tariffs by changing the codes, their products are shipped under each US import has attended Jit number called an h. t. s. code importers customs officials and others tell the journal that changing those codes to avoid US tariffs on imports is on the rise. Google decided not to disclose to its users that it had found a bug that exposed private data. Last spring, the journal reports that hundreds of thousands of users on the Google plus social network had their data exposed to outside developers, but Google decided not to alert users over concerns of damage to its reputation. Google said it found no evidence of misuse of the exposed data. Facebook has launched two new video chat devices featuring Amazon's virtual assistant. Alexa, the portal devices which feature cameras, microphones and touch screens will allow users to make video calls to Facebook connections the launch, which will allow the social media giant to expand its presence and users. Homes comes as Facebook is under scrutiny for it's handling of user data and recent security breach. Two US economist. Paul Romer of New York University and William Nord house of yell university have won the Nobel prize in economic sciences for their work on climate change and economic growth. The Swedish Academy that gives the award says their work has huge implications on global policy making the to have developed methods designed to achieve long-term sustainable, economic growth still to come how Brett Kavanagh's confirmation could impact the midterm elections millions of Americans, students lack access to the technology. They need to succeed in the digital world. Verizon, innovative learning has helped over a million kids get free tech education, and they'll help two million more by twenty twenty one learn more at Verizon, innovative learning dot com. Slash w..

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