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But he's not winning his argument. He's getting a little bit of a lecture by rep buydell David Guthrie was on top of that. Call obviously can't review two under two minutes to go in the game. Mccall was Toronto ball. That connectivity. Checkout, Eric Bledsoe will come in the raptors have cut that fifteen point deficit to ten and bring it up with one eight to go in the third so good opportunity. A couple of field goals bass in the Paschal Siaka all the way down to the lay drives heart flips, it up blocked by came out of nowhere volleyball spike that one out about that. That's what you like, because he gets most of his blocks coming from the opposite side of the floor. And he's outstanding because not only the long reach because of the hawk. He's got great hop. I mean, the ball was at the top of the square foot above, the, the rim living feet up when he touched it. There's the inbound took ally tend to shoot a minute to go in the third finds a buck open terms and scores eight point days, you like about the Greek and Leonard. That, that was a great cut from the weak side. The pass is right on the money will agree does a lot during the course of the game. Seven Toronto Rana's Lopez drives forty five seconds to go in the third out to Kobo covered by letter goes to seventy shoot. Let, so log off out beyond the three point line with four to shoot Bledsoe to Bledsoe floated up, high miscarry, bad, polite, letter the dribble to a very patch twelve three bound, for Leonard Khattak.

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