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I wanna know what those were because what is the furthest back a team has ever finished because they have to be in the running for that being ensure like the Seattle, Mariners. Whoever finished last that year in two thousand one has to be in the somewhere in the fifties. The oils currently are fifty two games back so it takes a historically bad season being the same division as a historically good team to sort of get their, the Orioles have to be approaching that. Are they not. Efforting I'm, I'm attempting to look at that while we're looking at that. I just wanna say that really the Orioles want to stay on brand and wanna like just really be who they are really feel like ending the season with just a crisp ten game losing streak is. The two thousand one, the Seattle Mariners. One hundred sixteen games. The last place team was the Texas Rangers. They finished forty three games back. The Baltimore Orioles are currently fifty two games. Back of the Red Sox are doing it. Seven, seven is the over under on losses for the. For the Orioles out of their last ten games. Seven. Oh, I am taking over. Wow. If they. Yeah, yeah. I'd say over their last ten games, they go to eight. Oh my God. Yeah, they have to. I don't even know what their schedule is. Let's see. Oreo. We just told you I wasn't listening. I was looking at the l. west. It's the Yankees for three, the Red Sox for three and then Houston for four. Oh, they're not gonna win any of those games. Okay. Yeah, they're not gonna win any of those games. Oh, Jesus Christ. Yeah. Wow. So no, they're not. There's zero percent chance that they're going to win. Fifty games yawn Moncada on pace for two hundred and twenty five strikeouts will keep break the single season Mark of two hundred and twenty three set by Mark Reynolds in two thousand nine. Me. This is the easiest question on the board. I say no. And the reason I say no is because I don't think there's a single out of a chance at the White Sox allow him to break the record. Oh, yeah. Wow. That's a good point. Yep, that's exactly correct. And also September bees are going to go elsewhere. Yeah, I agree. I agree with Jay. I would say no to that. The dodgers eighty. Nine wins D-Backs yeah. Dodgers eighty nine D-Backs eighty seven Rockies eighty six. All on pace to finish with fewer than ninety wins will the NL westby one by team with fewer than ninety wins. I'm gonna say, no, I'm going to say the d-box how the ability, sorry to the Rockies tying up to win. Yeah. The debates will do it. The d-box will do it. The d-box have seven games left against the dodgers and the Rockies. They have winning records against both of those teams as of right now as of today. So I say yes. It is won by team or I say, no, it is not won by team with less than ninety wins because it's one by the Diamondbacks with more than ninety. One. Or at ninety sitting around sitting give you some perspective, the Debaecker seventy two and sixty as the Rockies and the dodgers seventy one sixty one. So essentially this question is asking are one of these teams capable or will they go eighteen and twelve for nineteen and eleven in the case of the dodgers? And I think one of those teams, we'll get hot enough to do that. So I don't think the division one with your nuts on the table. J I just rolled with.

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