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Of greatly exaggerated the media that it's causing earthquakes that that they're these unknown risk sort of in the same way that the West has played up the risks. Nuclear power that have never truly materialized in well built nuclear facilities. Well it, you know, even in the film that showed people you know, lighting, you know water because it's supposedly had, you know, because of fracking actually didn't come from that It came from other things. You know, I actually was on a commission that, you know, reviewed all of this, and it's say it has to be regulated properly. There were you know, there were some earthquakes in Oklahoma because of not fracking, but because of you. Three injection of the water that comes out from cracking into an imp. Inappropriate location. But mostly, you know, the notion of poisons water. I mean, this is you know, we're producing huge amount of oil with just technology. And if there was really these, you know really problems we hear about them consistently. But you know, it's the thing that excited either, are ah are either Unusual or things that need to be fixed or actually didn't happen. So you know this, but I find again. There's this kind of emotional reaction which environmental disaster When people don't actually say Well, okay, tell me what the environmental problems. There's some things that have to be managed to have to manage emissions and so forth. You have to matter. You know it's an industrial activity, but the kind of Ah talked it out there. I mean, this is you know, this is a great American story about disruptive technology. And you know, I didn't tell the story of the guys who made it happen And, you know, they did it by being stubborn and having a different way of doing things And no one really saw how no one really believes it could even happen. Most people who textbook said it couldn't happen. And yet it's made the United States the world's largest oil producer, now amazing. I'm seeing Daniel Jurgen. His new book is the new map, energy climate and the clash of nations. So what would it Joe Biden presidency Mean for gas prices, For example, I think one of the going theories of the left is that we need a massive carbon tax. This, of course, will be passed on to consumers of gasoline. It's a regressive tax because the people who most need to use the gas or the people need to drive the work, not the Richie riches. You get to sit home and do their jobs remotely. Basically all the people who've been hurt by the Koven 19 pandemic we still need to commute to work in actual physical places will be hurt by increased gas tax is, for example, what would shutting down Frank And you two gas prices. Shut, shutting down gas prices, you know, but you got the best people they would go up and I think that's what World oil market would tighten. We'd be importing a lot more oil and you know, so it's going to be interesting if Joe Biden is president that he's a pragmatic politician, you know, how's he going to do the trade offs between you know the people who, you know? Want to stop all this activity and people who worry about the economy and worry about, you know, getting re elected? So, but I think the reason gasoline prices air down big reason benefit to American consumers is because of the shale revolution. Otherwise, we'd have a much tighter oil market would have higher prices would be back to where we were in 2012 when we're looking at $5 Gallon prices. The book is really worthwhile. It's called the new map, energy climate and the Classroom Nations. Daniel again really appreciated time and all of your work despicable. Daniel Jurgens work. He's a Pulitzer Prize winner back when the Pulitzer Prize actually meant you wrote good things not photographed for The New York Times and appreciate it, and it's a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you very much, All right. We're taking your calls coming up in 855236 30 to 28 that is 855. 236 30 to 28. This is the bench appear Osho. You are not your diagnosis. A medical chart is not your identity and vision loss does not define you. You and Dr shows who you are, and you are.

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