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Fix your teeth. Great before we take calls. I just wanna say this is a story. Let's move today. Pair from Canada. You already began to get suspicious, right? Pair up. No, not a fruit to people to Canadian men suspected of running ATM theft ring, Massachusetts police say two men from Canada who are suspected of operating an ATM theft have been arrested by Methuen police. This was a joint effort of the Hudson New Hampshire and the Methuen police. They did a great job on this. They they they were covered. Fifty two thousand dollars it from inside the vehicles and large large amounts of cash inside awful bags gift cards. Debit cards in printing device. They also found that electric device that activates it utilizes bankcards inside of the ical that was rented to one of the suspects. But again, great police work to what the nail these guys. They were staying in one of the cheap hotels, and just you know, were, you know, Robin places, but here the names of the two Canadian men Pierre Jacques. Rashawn nirmala. Drawn the Rousson Nirmala lack drawn thirty of Quebec easy for you to say and at Jeff Iran. Ravin drawn twenty eight of Antero. These are Canadian men Kevin quack each have been charged with possession of burglaries instrument and receiving stolen property of over twelve hundred dollars. You know, if if these guys can make bail, they can just go to Maine and go on welfare. That's that's probably the solution. Eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two. God. So you're acts with Howie Carr. Go ahead. So yeah. The first day mills an opera, she already signed overall our assistance to the illegal. That's why we have a problem, especially in Portland. The other thing is that people aren't remembering is allowing a hundred fifteen riverton streams in western pot of means be polluted by round up. Just to put any high-tension wise who commanded -chusetts not benefiting from it at all that's done to this date. And it's getting a lot worse. I had to pay state income tax, and they get a refund from the federal because Trump's tax returns first time in twenty seven years. I gotta refund, but I still have to pay main state income tax. It's ridiculous. And we're moving. Thank you. Thank you. So I don't blame you for moving. The governor governor the pages moved dinner whether mar-a-lago being Steve couple months ago. Tell you what he was a he was a very happy. You he's upset that, you know, Janet Mills squandering the progress that he made in Maine. You might have to come back is asked for eight years, and she's going to have the entire state economy wacked probably within six months forget a year. We thought it would take a year. And so it says now the mills geniuses are pulling back the picture on the card what they get rid of the picture as if that was stopping a lot of stuff anyway. But you want to at least give it a shot, right? Apparently, not eight four four five hundred forty two forty two Allan you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Alan. Taking my call. I just wanna just wanna mention a few things this radical regime appear main. I mean, if it's not mere extremely now get mills I mean when when governor page at his governorship. It was in the red in this woman walks into the office millions of dollars plus and it hasn't even been half a year. And she's already spent it I I want to know where she thinks you come up with the rest of the money to for these hopes and dreams that mere streaming down Portland has because Portland has been a giant anchor for the state of Maine. I mean, I hate to say that because Maine's made up of some of the most all this population and Democrats doing this hurting them hurting our oldest population in the Herden vets. I mean, the people that have paid taxes the whole life humane just walk around. Yeah. That's what the Republicans are saying that you know, that there's no there is no money Republicans point to waiting list for this abled Mainers waiting for services. The number of nursing homes that have closed across. Smain largely due to low reimbursement. Rates in a need to provide better services to veterans as priorities that should be should be put ahead of handing out funded welfare benefits to non-citizens some of whom are illegal right me this L. And this is what share even said even share said this in in a tweet a couple of weeks ago. You know, how how can we be inviting illegals to come over here and go on welfare when you have homeless veterans and waiting lists for public housing for aside. The Portland press in the Bangor daily news should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know where the journalists are today. But I wish I wish they would show themselves and have a backbone and stand up actually do their job because they both just what they already they're not news. You know what I mean? Just just doing what they want anymore. It's awful. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks, Allan eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. Kevin you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Kevin. Hey, howie. I'm just wondering I pay a lot of for healthcare every month for me and my family. I'm wondering real question couldn't I just go up to Maine identify myself as men L eagle need to get my kid. And you say are you applying for asylum, Kevin and you say, I'm taking reasonable steps. You got a problem with that? That's what it says. It was taken reasonable steps and Sweden days, isn't what it used to be. You know, I I am aware of that. Kevin I read the newspaper. The there was a Samah. There was a story last week out of Sweden Somali was in prison for raping a Swedish woman, and they said that. Well, they said they so the the the law enforcement said we're going to deport this guy as soon as he as soon as he gets out of prison. He's not a Swedish citizen it. He's he's a criminal violent criminal. And he got a some kind of lawyer, and the the the Swedish judges acting like Massachusetts judges said you can't the port this. Nice young man from from Sweden just because he raped the Swedish citizen. That's you have. No right to do that. What about is human rights nowhere? No human rights for the for the rape victim. You know, where we're again where was now in Sweden national organization for women of Sweden the way where we're all the feminists. Why why weren't they demonstrated? Thanks for the call. Kevin, Dan, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Dan. Gay. How we welcome to the People's Republic main what we have for governor up here is just an offshoot of the Obama administration. It's it's reached the point. I've spoken to many people who are just moving out, in fact from lewiston south. They're calling it may not choose its we broke away from Massachusetts. But masses taking us back, politically and financially. But honest to God this meal, I've come to the conclusion, it's not her fault. The people of Maine, the voters of Maine were so stupid as to elect her. They deserve what they get. Well, exactly in a democracy. The voters get what they deserve. And they get a good hard. That's a line for may Minkin. And it's so true. You know, I just hope that Paul the page follows up on what he says and comes back and four years to kick this harridan out of office because main is not going to be -cation land. It's going to be downtown Beirut. It's going to be horrible. Here. You know, the thing is the end though. Hey, you know, and I think you're right. I think people are going to be moving out. But they'll everybody that's moving out is is someone who voted for Paula page somewhere that he would need when he when he ran for for office again at twenty twenty two. And they're not going to be there. I mean, that's what this is all about. I mean, this is above, you know, driving working taxpaying citizens out of the out of everywhere and take it over the whole country. And I again, I don't I don't see the upside for them Kratz 'cause Chuck Schumer and the ANSI Pelosi are not going to be leading the revolution. Once they've imported this new underclass, that's not that's not the way it works out with revolutions, the weren't too many French barons left after the committee of public safety got through using the guillotine. No. There was a new boss. One of the peasants and him the Polian Bonaparte.

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