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That's problem gotta do what you gotta do ramona shelburne on the shell pennzoil performance line joining us from new orleans let's talk about the warriors steve kerr knock and his team effort last night kevin durant said the pacers had a better strategy which certainly sound keys implicating steve kerr in the loss what do you make of the new look durant and do you think that we should have any concerns about the warriors whether that's injuries or complacency or anything else when the postseason cuts here my biggest concern about the word is that steph curry that's that's the only thing i would be worried about because i remember a couple years ago when he had the same injury to came back and not the same player he he just didn't have the same kind of burst and he couldn't turn the corner on guys like it was very obvious in the finals that was not that he was not physically right even though he had come back and he'd had he you know he could have a good game he could have you could have some good performances you know here and there but when he needed that extra gear when he needed that extra you know steph ray that extra athleticism he didn't have it and so it's it's the same injury and you wonder like okay if he's if he's back for the first round the playoffs the second round the playoff how much how much is he really going to be himself physically with a coming off sprained mc l not just spraining so that's that's the part where about yesterday was you know steve getting of this team kevin popping off with that that sort of key my goal three little little say they'll say yeah we'll see we'll see i don't know if there's kerr or over to the scout or whoever came up with the overall.

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