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The run owen studio in san francisco peers hall of famer brano ins joining us today william kristol uniform know of course is the founder of the standard and in addition to that of course abc news this week and the like much to talk about let's start off with dhaka if we will you are the good article about why not just had dhaka and border security and just go with it forget the rest of it because you never get anything done if he discs try and put everything together yesterday the supreme court gave a ruling in the sense that it didn't roll and so consequently dhaka's alive for a awhile what what what what happens next i mean i take you there two issues immigrants uh and gardens where there's an obvious you know uh compromise to be daughter won't to keep everything uh people on each side wall but there are sort of obvious things that could be traded off and there's a place where the majority of the pub clearly as an immigration it would be legalising the daca recipients in return for some tightening border security of caught a wall if that makes trump happy and on the guns it would be some might be crazy the age limit for the sale the uh these are the automatic rifles and you know maybe better background checks and uh but not going as far as on gun control so i wanna go and trump could i think get both those things done yet he showed leadership i think it's hard for the congressional process to sort of producing spontaneously and that's we saw what happened on immigration it looks like on guns rebellion that's in the same direction of maybe the whole thing sputtering out so it's interesting well what's the trump's choose does he want a compromise signed legislation does your stick with his base interest to tack go liberals and democrats well a citizen when you mention trump though yeah what can elitist deeper vibe when you had for example david muir who i remember right right after he got elected asked him about daca and in his heart poured out trump is saying you know.

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