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The latest now of a deadly shootout in Houston a five officers wounded among the officers injured on Monday night, his one who's no stranger to the searing pain of a bullet this officer's been shot. Several times a line of duty one thousand nine hundred ninety two and again in nineteen Ninety-seven says Houston police chief art most people would call it a day after being shot in surviving. This man is fifty four years old. And he was there in the fruit wines, two of the five cops were in critical condition last night. But they are all expected to survive. Jim Ryan ABC news. I'm measles warning this morning. There are thirty five confirmed cases in Oregon and Washington none here so far in Arizona. But our state health department is urging you to be aware and take precautions the best way to protect yourself against measles is to get the measles shot that shot is actually recommended in early childhood. So hopefully, a lot of people are already protected from measles. Jessica regular with the state health department says early signs of measles are a high fever cough. Red is. Then Arash Arizona lawmaker David stringer keeping his job for now. Just days after claims that stringer had been charged with sex crimes in the nineteen. Eighties. Representative reginal bowling made a motion to oust him bat is unbecoming of a member of this institution. We are in Ebeling this behavior by voting so recess and not showing leadership the house has about it to wait for an ethics committee review of stringer. Well, you may soon be able to bet on your favorite sports team KTAR. Bob McClay has more than a Bill now making its way through the state Senate Bill would let any federally recognized native American tribe that has a state.

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