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Completely loyal absolutely. He was the archetypal perfect. Deputy under the rules of the light of tom interesting like he was deputy because he was senate late. Though the way i set up the kokusai nearly as was later in the house was the later. The potty in the later in the senate was the deputy later and he was an amazing stumps baker close united is on the stump speech was the my full mccain. Hynix was the wolf pack for the latest in including in the famous Game p. policy speech by andrew show where he laid out the plans for transnational worldwide and ninety and all the other big nation-building elements which went onto a hallmark of these government. And he was in best fisher and watson were actually all the history tells us quad. Dalla figures quite quite steitz bakers But but that he's live. Wipe it was live wi- but he was a toddler it was a toddler a strict Presbyterian i think But but interestingly mighty speech in parliament in nearly dies senate where he argued against pray in parliament said. The constitution says start religion on while. I'm a devout christian Glazed the parliament should have a religion. We should have a prayer We still have a pray. One hundred twenty two republican again. Wow and so yeah. that's right. That's right And he was a fetus. Trade unionist Actually was in this parliament. Before he entered the federal columnist said he voted on probably the most important pusher social legislation in eastern side. Sipa will call any jurisdiction has voted on the vice for women in the south strike parliament. Invite you rise. It's impossible to find a bad word written about him in the memoirs and the histories of the time fascinating now. Let's next figure lillian. Lock tells about lillian lockers. So we don't really celebrate as suffragettes. Tragic advice for women came earlier than most other countries without violence and to the degree we do. We tend to focus on that sort of independent smaller liberal Women who against the lillian lock was the light She was a fees. A socialist labor activists. She was the first female at fulltime employees. The labor party and she campaign with vodka goldstein and others provides for women but where they became a conflict. Thought goldstein ran for the senate and the lead party said to her. We can't belong to the suffragette movement and the labour party if they came hunting zavatta goldstein is an independent says. She will live on c. Resigned the suffragettes positions Still campaign for women to get the vote but entirely from within the labor party some people might not know this story but not realize who she is because they'll know who story for another reason she's actually a court figuring strike literally history nephew. A sumner locke elliott's novel capable hema. He you which was autobytel offering award-winning winning book. One of the winners in the miles franklin and it was a bad. He's childhood fees and horrible custody battle which was between lillian and her system. because summner's mother had died childless and she basically gave up political activism to case a young sumner in some the wanted to be with her but another aren't aren't came home from london sued for custody and It's a it's a terrible story. Compelling and lillian was the guy in that story and and that's an important part of a strong military history and not many people connection between satisfy literally history in very important early suffrage in.

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