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Much now it's become about procedures and it's become about the cba in similar to the deflate gate by the time that case went all the way through two goals years of the court system it wasn't about whether or not the balls had been dr it was about whether roger goodell the nfl had the power to suspend brady under its cba and that's where we are with it you'll elliott made this is this is about procedure now it's about the labor deal it's no longer about domestic violence whatever you may believe about as epo elliot about the accuser that doesn't even matter any more unfortunately all right at a law radio is where he can find me on twitter lot of you taken are college football pole and letting me know why you would like to sue the nfl but john says i would sue jerry jones for charging nine dollars of beer forty bucks to park and then you get in there and you can't see anything i mean see anything issue seats have not yet been to at t stadium but it certainly feels like if you catch on the field you can definitely see it on that jyle norman's video before we go out this new trend in the nfl have you noticed often players look up at a video either watch themselves in in the heat of the moment as the running down of field or going off the field there watching replays that's how i norma's these things are they can feed the replay clearly enough that they don't need to go look at video other sidelines who like 10 isn't it the video boorda 18 idiom no craziness o o op says i want to sue the nfl for thursday night games good or bad i read whatever you want to sue for feel free people complained you want to sue because there aren't enough officials who are fulltime unique because otto because you can't i love gymnasts but that's how ridiculous this proposed lawsuit of george tan soo for what a whole friends neighbours cbs for you can't sue to not have the.

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