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And have thousands of adoring fans and have a great time govern entertain the troops overseas or you can be in the us senate running against debbie stabbed yourself in the face severe out stabber no no no stabber now it's a beautiful name actually but she's vulnerable 2018 is coming up but maybe there's another game in town lena epstein is a republican running for senate in michigan she was also instrumental in helping donald trump win the state of michigan one of his arden supporters and organizers on the ground we owe a great debt to lean after what she did and she's a republican businesswoman who cochaired and help the election for trump in michigan a lot of people didn't think he could win but all boy did he and she joins us now also get to your calls on the pope's com of course if you're prolife you've got to be for amnesty for the illegal immigrants a lot of your calling it on that and we'll get to that as well lena good to talk to you how you doing and we're excited you are in this race i'm doing great laura thank you for having me on the show so it's kinda early to be talking about debbie stabber now in the seat as an enemy in but you want to get the hit the ground running because michigan turned into a red state this time round and mitt romney couldn't win and 2012 by trump shirley showed people how to get it done you bet it it could never be early now cake the fight you're wekly stabber now he ended up at burt forty three years laura should never held a private becker tabback he is a wet and our it and tired of being underrepresented by their federal government boca lack year we went grad critic presidential ticket behind donald trump we were ready for the first time nineteen eighty eight and that up it activated are going to go read in septembernovember are twenty heat i won't be taken up by directly to sabah now so what's happening in in michigan of course the everyone thinks michigan i think of detroit and and the ups and downs of detroit has had mostly downs and of the last three or four five decades abbott michigan relies heavily on manufacturing a lot of it's been lost.

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