Learning to Love Yourself and Heal Trauma with Margaret Paul


In your perspective would you say that self love is a spiritual process a spiritual journey. What what i would say. Is that since we don't have actual many actual role models in our society. In order to know what's loving to ourselves. We have to be able to access a higher source of information of truth of guidance and this became apparent as we were creating the inner bonnie roses that we we needed a way to access that information because otherwise i mean people say i don't know how to love myself and i said i don't know i love myself. How do i figure that out. So now i learned how will denied. I learned how to access that higher source and i teach people how to do that all the time. It's not as hard as people think and then we can get that role modeling that guides for what's actually emotionally loving to ourselves as well as physically and financially and all those other levels. Yeah you know. I think it's such an important aspect of addressing self love energetically physically mentally emotionally. And of course the spiritual part of it i think is one of the aspects that's really essential because like you said it's so important to rise above right where we are in to be able to tap into tune into that other energy that can actually give us the guidance and the information that we need

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