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A tremendous power, and he'd got charts off, and they're very very hard. So I took them away from my dogs at that point. And I probably should bring him back for hero and bones because the dogs really did like them bones might chew on them. But then you heard about the fun thing you could do with them. I heard something today that I never heard before that was like, well, of course, you could do that a portion of depending a disc while piece of it, you put it in the microwave, and you watch it and it blows up like a popcorn seat blowing up into popcorn yet. It is cheese. It's just really hard cheese. Turn. Yeah. They said it turned into like a bubble. And then it was try that more edible. And I was kind of blown away there used to be. I think it was one of the plastic phone to eat people. Neither bam. Maybe they made one that. It was designed for you to put that. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yes. And I was saying like that was something I should try on quilt because I've tried everything else. And they said we'll try the action. And I I never knew that. Yeah. I've heard of it. I've never been bold enough to do it. I've been kind of worried about blowing up my microwave. But I might do it here done training yard, Mike. Mike. Expand a microwave in the garage ready for the charity pickup. Yeah. I'll try to that. Yeah. You you try and tell. And then another one that I've given my dogs. That's worked really really well with hero. And once hero gets involved in it than bones will also get involved, and that is one of the Nile bones products called the Benham B E N E bone now, I had heard good reviews of this. So the first time I got some they come in free flavor. Flavors cheesy free framers, please fingers cheese. Chicken and bacon. So of course, they ordered the bacon when that came and I opened that box. I almost started licking the Dame the bacon. Smell is so good. You know, when you're cooking bacon, and it gets crispy just before it burns. Yeah..

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