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Energy and Mike Konczal catalysts increase the energy to the parasol to wave and Levada but she'll need deep tissue massage masonic life machine. The Baltic wave from a sonic life will actually break up the adhesions picture massage and the enzymes to break up the the Vatican obstruction by questions today today. Here's another one from Joey from North Carolina Bill. Basically he's wondering about floaters is voters in his right. What is a floater anyway? They're called asteroid policies or stars to star bubbles and oxidation oxidation of a higher onic acid so you wanna take <hes> in the I want to be taking course vision bax twenty one to two capitals twice a day. You WanNa take in the I can't see eye drops and you wanted to Caidos power see ultrasound and be one <hes> a suplex hydrogen to get rid of this free. The actually Bellevue had to put it down to two or three things vision Max Ultra diamond be one and sell tacos. He also says he never wear sunglasses. Do you think he should wear sunglasses. I think yeah because the ultraviolet lights increase in the ozone layer is actually weakening because of the decrease in a magnetic field and lower of oxygen in the upper atmosphere. The trump was fear so the ultraviolet B C and D will be will burn you see we'll go give you cancer causing d._N._A.. Damage India so powerful those who side of a building and these lights are increasing frequency so the left is more commonly affected by cataracts because closer to the window in a car. You're at least North America in Britain in Europe. It's another I on the right eye and it's due to the fact the cycles through the car window so if you're getting things like asteroid high losses you've got oxidative stress oxidizing the ironic acid informing little oxidized bubbles are translucent transparent. <hes> let's see we don't have a lot of time left here. Doing this is keith in an email. I've been recently diagnosed with type two diabetes here we go diabetes again and I am overweight. which which products would you recommend a treat these two conditions at to drive towards general good health? I also have a five year old and a wife now..

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