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Now three one two nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight one seven two hundred we're going to jump into the world of reality shows and some of the best of some of the weirdest which ones did you love which ones do you love? And. Yeah, we want to we want to talk a little bit about that. And this is the thirtieth anniversary of cops, which is one of the classic reality shows of all time. And we've got some behind the scenes facts about cops that were sharing right now. And then we wanna talk reality shows in general, I've got I've got some favorites. And from the past and present, and I've got some a list here of some weird ones that I don't remember. There's a few on here that I just don't remember. So as part of the reality show genre. So reality shows is the topic. What are yours three one two nine eight one seven two hundred. All right. Let's get back to some of these facts about cops. The crew has had to interfere occasionally on cops the official cops crew policy is that camera and microphone operators are only there to observe. They're not allowed to interfere with anything going on. The exception. Langley says is if an officers life is in danger in one instance, a suspect was about to secure an officer's weapon when the sound man put down his gear jumped in another show staffer administered CPR to a woman in need. He was a paramedic. The officer didn't know the technique. You know, it's gotta be crazy. Actually, he's gotta be kinda crazy to work on that show. Like if you're just like a crew member because you never know what's gonna happen. I mean, this is real this is real life. It's it's a real criminal and it's real arrest. That's happening. How about this unused footage gets trashed Langley's crew can shoot four hundred hours of footage and get a single twenty two minute episode of cops while he originally tried archiving everything he didn't use the series has been around for so long that multiple storage formats have come and gone. Rendering their continued existence. Impractical and too expensive to convert so unused footage is either taped over or thrown out. How about this? They did a very quote unquote, very special episode. You know, those very special episodes, especially when on sitcoms when they do a very special said like in home improvement when one of the one of his kids had a bag of pot that was a very special episode of film improvement. So they did a very special episode of cops cops rarely breaks from its formula of depicting police officers on patrol planning raids or executing sting operations, but accrue setup in Boynton Beach, Florida got a different perspective on things when they discovered that an undercover officer named witty, gene. Had taped in admission from a woman looking for a hit man to kill her husband when police set up a quote crime scene for the suspect Dalia dip Alito came to view cops filmed her reaction, according to ABC news, dip, Alito was tried and convicted of solicitation to commit first degree murder in two thousand eleven but the verdict was thrown out due to improper jury selection dip Alito says she did not want her husband dead and maintains she and her friends fake the criminal plan in order to post it on YouTube and garnered fame most recently in the summer of two thousand eight she petitioned the court for a fourth time. So. Cops is a five hundred million dollar business. Crime does indeed pay in two thousand five broadcasting and cable estimated that cops have generated five hundred million dollars seventeen seasons with syndication licensing DVD sales reaping huge benefits for the modestly budgeted series five hundred million dollars. Here's your a couple more facts here about cops. No, they don't pay the cops Langley who has been critical critical of much of the reality television that followed in his wake as always had a firm no compensation policy for anyone featured on the show suspect or police officer. We don't pay people to be themselves. He filled undertake weekly in two thousand eleven if you pay them, you're affecting their behavior. And then finally the last fact this is a true one thirty years ago, ushered in the concept of reality television, though, Langley prefers to think of cops as a documentary series. He's fine taking credit for being a pioneer in the reality television craze, even if he's not a fan of many of the shows that followed in cops wake if I'm the father or godfather of reality TV, I don't want to take responsibility for all the bastards that followed lightly told Forbes. I think some shows and the reality genre. Great and somber, frankly, deplorable when pushing example of the latter Langley cited Steven Seagal law, man. These celebrities, sucking focus. I find deplorable Seagal for example, running around being a cop on some show on cable. Gimme a break. You ever? See Steven, Seagal lawman. I have fantastic it. Yeah. I mean, it's terrible. It's it's it's completely awful. But it's fantastic in that awful way. So those are some facts about about cops on its thirtieth anniversary, what are some of your favorite reality shows three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the if the phone number. It says reality shows here, I'm reading from an article here. Reality shows are most popular guilty pleasure since nineteen eighty threes in American family revisited, which later inspired MTV's real world viewers have been enamored with watching others live their lives in some variation of their lives. Just last TV season. The bachelor the voice and survivor ranked in the top twenty of most watched shows. But while reality TV is often criticized for dumbing down content. There's a lot to be gained from watching the ongoing tales of other people's lives. Whether it's watching a classic rags-to-riches story being inspired by incredible weight loss journeys were following someone chasing after their dreams getting a radical makeover. Or just living there day to day drama filled lives, these shows allow viewers to escape into someone else's shoes. Even if it's just for a brief time while some shows can be positive influences, we admit that there isn't always the case. But even controversial moments like when snooky got punched when she confronted a man who stole the jersey shores, groups drinks or when New York spit on pumpkin on flavor of love. Got. I'm sorry. I complain that was a memory that completely had left my brain. And now. Nick when you started in radio. Did you ever think you would be saying phrases like that? Well, I don't know. Oh, man. I flavor of love was just. I don't even know what to say about that. I. Flavor of love was was absolute trash, but I watched every single episode of it. And I remember New York spitting on pumpkin. And. I don't know. I remember I don't know how many seasons they did a flavor of love. I think they did at least four seasons of flavor of love. And I just remember in the first episode of season three or season four. One of the women that flava flav head to choose from was drunk and she defecated on the stairs. This isn't the first episode of the season. It's just it was just like, and then you had yet flavor of love and in the New York, I love New York, which was the spin off with New York. And then they did the surreal world which was when they put a whole bunch of has been celebrities, you know, in a in a house. And in one of the one of the seasons featured flava flav and Brigitte Nielsen, and then they had a reality show together. I can't remember what that was called. But it was flava flav and Brigitte Nielsen. This was at the time when VH one was loaded with these shows like VH1., I mean that was like that was pretty much what they showed. They showed these really exploitive released like the. The Bret Michaels hookers on wheels. Or whatever the hell that show was that. Yeah. Where were you thinking of strange love strange love? That's it. That's the one with Brigitte Nielsen, and and and flava flav, and then the Bret Michaels, you know, he had a whatever the hell. The name of his show was were you know, he'd had you had to choose from a bunch of huskies. I mean, just read it, and that was that was all the v h one show that and they showed a lot of the Dr drew reality shows about rehab and stuff they had celebrity rehab. And. That was that was kind of for for for a time. That's all VH1. was showing. It was it was all those really exploitive really trashy reality shows, which I've watched I watched all of them, I fully admit, I watched all of them and dean behind the music that was that was what VH one was so. No. Well, here's Stephen valpo on WGN. Hi, steve. It was going on Nick on the first cops. I ever saw down in Florida, of course. And they were chasing this guy. And they were chased him throws backyards and everything make they finally corner two minutes one one yard, and he had like the stock the wooden stockade since around and they're knocking big sections of fence over and and the police dogs came in gig grabbed his guy I think that they had at least two dogs on. Yeah. And he he I don't know what this guy was on. But he put picked his one German shepherd up. They weren't these. Mel Mel you news as it was a it was a full blown German shepherd one hundred pounds. He picked his dog of by the neck and poached him into knows. Elliot is crazy. That was the an early episode that you're talking about like the first time I ever saw. They put both dogs on this guy. And I they literally ripped off all his clothes, and they showed it later on in the hospital. You know, he was he was cuffed, and he was laying on a on a gurney, you know, an emergency room. And this guy will just full of dog bites man bleeding all over the place, man. Man. It's the craziest thing I've ever see ya. And that's right out of the gate. That's that's an early episode right there. Right. Right. Right. That's great. Like, yeah. I'm watching this. I'm gonna watch this show. Yeah. Okay. All right. Thanks bye. You don't often see a German shepherd. Get punched in the face on TV that doesn't happen. Very often. On cops though. Yeah. All right. So we have a whole bunch of of reality shows here some of which I don't remember like this one is it's called the four. And it's a singing latest singing competition to join the ranks. It has a secret weapon. Ditty and DJ Colette. To artists who are known for stealing the spotlight and making anything exciting. So I've I've I've I've heard of this show, but I've never seen it. It's on FOX. And I've never seen has anybody seen the four. I've seen commercials for it. But there's so many I don't watch. I used to watch American idol. I never watched the voice..

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