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Poetry and how these texts communicate. And why are they are What they so. Let me put up a proposal. You have a hand out the part where it's available on online. That's called how to read a text like the hebrew bible. Once you get that in front of you and then what i'm going to invite you to do is actually also a bible at the same time and go with me to luke chapter twenty four. Let's ask a fresh question and ask it for yourself and for anyone that you would ever try to introduce to the bible. Why on earth should you invest time and energy into reading in ancient text from the other side of the world. That's written in hebrew or ancient greek. Do you have any other friends who sit around. Reading egyptian hieroglyphics right. We're translations of ancient babylonian literature. Whatever you know like no no. You don't people who do that congregate and things we call universities and they're nerds and god bless them but it's not like a normal thing. So why should you or anyone else. Dedicate the time and energy into reading these ancient hebrew texts in hebrew or english or whatever translation. You happen to be reading in y and for a follower of jesus. Actually it's a pretty clear answer to that question revolves around the book as it revolves around a person a person that we although so jesus was jewish he grew up embedded in the story of israelite. People there were called. did you. Dan's the jews by his time by their neighbors and when the moment he hits the ground as an adult launching his mission. He is connecting everything that he is doing to a set of texts that his people cherished. It's actually i told you. Go to luke twenty four. Stay there. i'll just show you from earlier. In luke in luke chapter four after jesus is baptized by john. The baptist he goes into the wilderness and he's tested but we're told the first thing he does in public in the gospel of luke these go to his hometown of nazareth. This is luke chapter four verse six and goes on the sabbath day and he stands up to read from the scroll of the prophet isaiah and he reads this long quote from isaiah chapter. Sixty one that it's chapter sixty one big sixty six chapter book and so he just assumes like everyone's tracking everybody knows why i would read from this and what it means and how it all fits in and so he rolls up the scroll when he's done gives it back to the attendant and says today it starts today. It starts the thing that i read and you know all of what that means today. He doesn't even bother to explain what it is like. He doesn't even use his own words to launch his mission with me. So if i am a follower of jesus. And i remember this. Like i didn't grow up reading the bible. And so i start following jesus when i was about to turn twenty years old and started just read the bible. I'd never done it before. And i start on page one. I started with jesus stuff. Because i was really interested in him. And so i'm reading these accounts and it was. I didn't know anything and it was clear to me. Oh this first. Three quarters of my bible. That christians called old testament. It's not just that it's important to jesus. It defines reality for jesus. He sees it as the story that makes sense of who he is and what he's doing and then it was just kind of a. Oh okay i. It should matter to me too. That's why. I should read the first three quarters of this big book even though it's really complicated but apparently the more time invest here the more jesus will become three-dimensional with color and become even more awesome than yard here. So you get to luke. Chapter twenty four begins with the empty tomb and poetic class. Many things explore their empty tomb. Jesus appears to Some of the women that are there and then excuse me empty tim. They don't see him. Sorry and lucas. Just the empty tomb. People don't see him. And jesus gone what's happening verse thirteen at same day. Two of them were going to a village called a mass about seven miles from jerusalem. Talking about everything that happened everything well all storyteller while they were talking and discussing jesus himself alive from the dead came near and went with them. But there is were kept from recognizing him he said to them. Yeah when talking about they stood still looking sad then. One of them named clips answered. Are you the only stranger in jerusalem who doesn't what happened in these days. He asked them Great jesus playing dumb right so what things please tell me. They replied everything. About jesus of nazareth a prophet mighty indeed and word before god and all. The people are chief. Priests and leaders handed him over to be condemned to death crucified him. We hoped he was going to redeem israel so notice that so they believed he was going to redeem israel but redemption doesn't involve getting executed by the romans. And besides all this. It's now the third day since this happened and some women from our group astounded us because they were at the tone this morning and his body is not there so they came back and told us that they had seen a vision of angelic beings. Who said he's not dead but he's alive and then some of us went to the tomb and it was just like the woman said. Nobody saw jesus then jesus said to them. Idiots fools fools. You're so slow of heart to believe everything that i've been telling you and much less for. Forget what i've been telling you. Everything that the scriptures have to say that right there she breathes above the bible and does the new testament exist yet. It does not exist for them. They're talking about the hebrew scriptures. Can you read the scriptures to. Shouldn't you read the hebrew scriptures and walk away with a very clear idea the messiah will suffer and then enter into glory. Old testament one. Oh one then. Beginning with moses and all the prophets moses. it's obviously not the person what's this a reference to two the first five books of hebrew scriptures and then the prophets which. We'll talk about in a moment. He's referring to the scriptures and he interpreted to them all the things about himself he goes on he pretends like yes to keep walking than they have a meal. Amazing story. we don't have time to finish. He appears to a larger group of people and says the same thing. Look down in verse. Forty four he appears to a larger group of disciples. And he says you guys. These are the words that i spoke to you while i was still with you. Everything written about me. In the torah of moses in the profits and that now we get a new addition here the torah the prophets and the psalms had to be fulfilled then opened their mind understand the scriptures. Oh to be a fly on the wall at that bible study right. But here's the basic summary. You read the hebrew scriptures. Torah profit soames. And here's like a bullet list of things you ought to get. The messiah is to suffer is to rise from the dead on the third day repentance and forgiveness of sins announced in his name to all of the nation's beginning in jerusalem right one. Oh one right. According to jesus this is old testament one on one. There's the summary right there and here we are and it's happening you're witnesses..

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