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All make up at right here. Yeah sorry spectacle shooting shooting shooting love a wig always always always support local business up motorists. It always always missionary because she said doggy style was gay and you know trying to straight after respect her wishes up you know I never went down on her because that's where she people know she will miss yeah sugar came on and sorry walk down there where down there. You thought to Suck Dick all right got this. I feel like it's easier is it. It's addict because is this like A. It's like an object right with you. GotTa get in there and explore for the Pussy EXAC exactly thank you see that was sexual harassment that we're talking sex positive sex positive sex talk. You know what I'm saying. Hey it's just a matter of fact it's like eating iceberg lettuce. There's layers there. Say like imagine imagine trying to to put like my you would suck a Dick. It wouldn't work because you would try to like a thing. That's not the imagine how would you suck off a hymen. y'All listen took off. The Clinton. Air Pushes head down like that. You're not doing good. You're not doing you're not doing that. You might be might be might be teeth rubbing on the CL- Clinton says it because I've heard that I've heard coppee article. Yes it's true through much of the trials and tribulations with fog and colleagues. I've learned that the the clitoris is to be treated delicately with care what I'm saying. Let's get real nasty bite. My Shit slapped my shit. Lou Eerie mcclair Erie's. Oh I I've only had sex with Christians so I only onto their tradition judge marriage what do we I've never had sex or sugar. Fuck Milo. You've got to get your coffee route two Frappuccino fucking horror Dan pull up that dress angles control panel and the pantyhose get shunamite maiden. Yeah Fuck. I yeah all take shape where only Gosh Shannon's book Jacob Aw aw stopping there is a world where we both thought something bad happened both of us and we're like superheroes and married and all that were living like country. She likes to Chicago soon and we're like in a we're in a book group or we raise the Bible and like every night we call them pray with each other and it seems like while Gabe was not known drugs no drinking. Oh No you wonder how corny you're we both wear sketchers actors and we go to Sonics because we're super amped CASSANI has had a bad way mixed mixed colo with at the Mellon so I'm going to do otherwise like I made on nine one another. Would you candidate wally. How should I I wanna say it's got tater tots? Who knows what it is? You're gonNA let loose within. I mean come on once. I saw the elastic on the dockers this guy this guy. I'm crazy cat lord and Susan. Thank you uh-huh yeah. Those guys are definitely rape. Is anyone that withdrawn as i. You know that you don't drive. Did you want to say like you know the person you sleep and you think you know they're into are now. All right took me years. I like to like piece piece by piece. I'd be like I'm into this. This is like w what's videos knows where we're at high heels in worms and red balloons. You know what your sit down and makes me in the seat. Why is this lady taking little cactuses? Oh my God she's going to put that in there. You know what yeah she put little cactuses complicity yeah you know what also you know how difficult that I've ruined ruined it for ten eighty P K thanks for fucking it up she the terrible but right cheek shaving me okay you'd have to cancel my only fascination CACTUS Tasha. Oh my God. She's thing that's that's the thing they got to send the message. The only fastest CACTUS Tasha many years of enjoyed your kneecapping pussy hole however ever. My wife is a big old pitch them. You can't standing over you. I don't know what it was hot. I'm like I was like Liz it. I'm all for transparency and when the ship's ship but if you're a dude and you're like explicitly talking about the piano that you watch shorty like well if you watch what you short Oh yeah that's that's different but if you're telling you what type of weird that's very when we're the power dynamics. I don't WanNa hear this hour. Just watch FUCKING TO SHEET DOT COM KENDRA IN LOS FIRST ANAL they're like why are you telling me schoolteacher it. Wasn't we all know what type of fucking Yo yo facts facts because I feel like penal is the same as I said the phone companies. Kosovo companies are like Oh we have the fastest network the nation every every fucking a a provider has begun it so when you get a piano and it's a Yo so's I whatever it's like is it really is I also like what are you going to do sue you. Debtor pisses bureau anal and it's not cool cellino bars do a class action lawsuit who loved even together any more or wash it will bring them back together for this because this is a class action lawsuit that was out kindles. I an alternate universe where we thought we were being funny and renamed ourselves so far first podcasts. We got successful the lawsuit issue. We have a show like all the tomato soup now victor the happen. What would your name local lawyers through? It was very food because they can actually sue you. Bring them back together. If that was like the long con in the play and then he dropped Alexi. We're all friends salina salina attorneys we also have these negative these hey you do you grow up like breathing asbestos in cop shoot. You like take the court Joe. Will you in New New York state at all during nine eleven. You may have Mesothelioma call eight eight eight eight eight. That's right so you know on bonds delight lawyers and Shit and come into court when you being court and new court shit so you don't have to say in court that's right so call one eight hundred eight a eight a dago boom courses done. You know what I'm saying pile with suit the boys out all the time network sounds the volume. It was like Kay. I killed my wife not bad credit. Where can I get a car? come the Bronx Toyota like what is in short he was like Oh. You got two hundred dollars a pay stub stop you drive home in a car. That's right that seems pretty low like too good to be true. That sounds very too good to be true like. Would you guys up to what's the scam. What's what's the what's the angle here angles fuck and give you a loan eighty seven percents when you pay this off in twenty forty one? I'm like how am I paying five hundred sixty thousand dollars for a Toyota. A camry service fees return back and I just pay the full deals like stupid. I'm not GonNa let you get the chance to all his interest fucker. Santa Dema sisters still paying off a fucking two thousand and the extra major world. Our military has a fish replace. That's like Yo you only go to measure if you've got a very bad credit or you so while drugs are you on the train pissed off. That's major. They come and go fuck you. I want that I want to Nissan. I want our NEON and I'm willing to pay fifty thousand dollars for this is like oh no. That's not a neo 'cause they. Don't even make me they tell so you like shitty. Am FM Yom saying she got an antenna that Joe God rest look at this for the Matt Windows Iota Bumper still attached. I'm not gonNA hold you like this Washington into this and the Telugu. That's what I'm forever. Automatic seat belts shit on the CDs. Oh what the fuck doc was six CDs change in the back of ood. You can't really change you while you drive letty. Uh What am I gonNa let me see the crew okay. Ah Sharp price rival stalking hells hot approved bitch book to take six. He's GONNA be how to belly she. She got the remote they gotta wire on the front. y'All elsewhere in the front. Mile Rockers doc was used to brag about the shit. y'All got camera marvel license plate us. Oh shoot Yo shit shit about surveillance the border cities Colorado. You got like a window represents announced like what you're GonNa Honda CR V. and with all about the Benjamins with Jacob's pack over new for the mudflows like Oh oh oh that must be the coupon for who knew I could get a forty pound bag twenty dollars Santa. BJ's Bogo go the JC was like oh how does like.

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